Thursday, March 9, 2017

SPOILERS: Gotham Academy: Second Semester #7

Well, it took a little bit, but Gotham Academy started to really be Gotham Academy again.

The Spoilers:

The big reveal of this issue and thus pretty much the entirety of this issue is that there is no Amy. Olive has been Fight Clubbing it this whole time, and freaks out a bit about it.

She bails and when she meets Amy again in her room, dealing with her own potential madness, Pom and Colton are still in the caves where they finally find the book of Gotham, where the story of Amity Arkham is told, and how her children were the start of the Silverlock lineage, so long and short of it is, Olive is an Arkham, haunted by Amity Arkham, the same spirt her mother claimed to torment her. Bookworm then shows up, knocks the kids out, takes the book.

When Olive goes to speak to MacPhereson, the one person she trusts, Mac, who had ran into Olive earlier, noticing something was wrong, is speaking with Batman about Olive's situation. Olive sees this as a betrayal of trust and she embraces Amity's presence, going kind of evil in the process.

The Opinion:

This is what I've been waiting for out of this second volume. It was a definite return to form for the series, which was being a little too Scooby Doo for my tastes with that Witch Club arc and what not. Getting back to Olive, Gotham and this Arkham stuff was the bread and butter before, and it's just as good now. I remember always thinking it was kind of odd that all the kids were just cool with Amy hanging out, but now of course it makes sense. Real good issue. Real happy to have this type of story again.

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