Wednesday, March 22, 2017

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #953

Did this "team" ever get a name? Because I nominate the "I Seem to Not Like Batman Very Much" club. Maybe a bit too wordy, though.

The Spoilers:

The long and short of it is that The League of Shadows are still messing shit up in Gotham, and in the midst of her little mother crisis, Cassandra goes out to confront Shiva. Batman tries to head her off, Cassandra reacts with her fists, he doesn't fight back. 

Meanwhile, the League of Shadows is infiltrating the Belfry, taking out Clayface and Batwoman (stabbing her in front of her father) and Batman gets a distressed call from Alfred in the cave.

Cassandra meets Shiva in the middle of the street, asking why she abandoned her, and Shiva only agrees to answer if Cassandra fights her. Like really fights her. Of course, Cassandra doesn't, and gets beaten pretty easily. When Shiva's thugs ask if they should bring Cass? Shiva declines, saying she's worthless, and dumps her in a fucking sewer, because, man

Back in the cave, Bruce sees images of his team defeated followed by Ra's al Ghul greeting him.

The Opinion: 

I thought this was a rare miss for Detective. The one thing that really got me was Shiva dumping Cass. Just so fucking cold blooded, I kind of love it. Other than that, I just had a bunch of little issues.

I don't remember what the League of Shadows end game is here. Way back Jacob Kane was just like "they're a thing and they're bad!" and here they are... they're a thing and they're bad, but I don't know why they're doing anything that they're doing. 

I don't get Cass' hostility towards Batman. Like, I assume it was a "don't get in my way, let me do this" sort of thing, but I didn't feel that's what her limited dialogue really portrayed. The whole confrontation also just follows the running trope of this team falling apart member by member.

Then the last, and most minor thing, Ra's al Ghul calling Batman anything but "Detective" is weird. The last thing I want to hear Ra's refers to Batman as is "Bruce Wayne." It's just... no. It almost felt as if it was like a editorial "It's Rebirth, lets reestablish that Ra's knows who Batman is with stilted dialogue!" sort of deal. Baseless speculation of course, but just couldn't shake that feeling. 


  1. I think Cass is conflicted because, in her mind, she *has* to be evil because both her parents are. But she doesn't *want* to be evil, so she's confused by it. That's why I think she fights Batman, along with insisting she not be called Cassandra; she's giving in to what she sees as inevitable, despite not actually wanting to.

  2. Newsflash: Ra's Al Ghul has called Batman "Bruce Wayne" before. In fact, he did so in his first appearance in Batman #232.

  3. I felt like, as with the latest issue of Batman, this was a lot of padding, but with a few good character moments (mostly Basil's interaction with Cass). I'm still enjoying the run, but this feels like decompressed storytelling.

    Cass is clearly trying to burn her bridge with Batman to keep him out of danger in confronting her mother. But that's kind of silly since the League of Shadows threatens all of Gotham, so there's no reason to think Shiva's business is all to do with her. I guess she was hoping if Shiva killed her, she'd go away. No such luck.

  4. A good issue in my opinion. I thought that the interaction between Clayface and Cass was sweet.
    Part of me is really worried that Cass won't leave at the end of the arc, like Steph did last time. But maybe she won't.

    1. I meant will, for the first sentence of the second bit.