Wednesday, March 15, 2017

SPOILERS: Batman #19

You know how you'll watch a John Cena feud and go "Man, the bad guy has a point here, I think John Cena has been the heel all along." That's pretty much this issue in a nutshell.

The Spoilers:

Batman takes a play out of Bane's own playbook and releases Arkham's inmates upon him, promising to make their sentence easier if they can deliver Bane to him alive. Of course, no one can stop Bane, but due to the sheer gauntlet of rogues, they leave their mark. 

Before Bane finds his way to Batman, he makes a pretty great point: Bane was done. He quit venom. All he needed was Psycho Pirate for the pain, and he had Strange get him. He could have burned Gotham down himself, but he didn't, and how could he control Strange? Then, with Bane having found peace, Batman breaks into his home, breaks his back, and steals what essentially is his cure for addiction. 

So, yeah, Batman is a dick. But nevertheless, grudge match next issue.

The Opinion:

I was joking last issue that this all could have been avoided if Batman asked to borrow Psycho Pirate nicely, but here we go, Bane straight up pointing out that he's not really the bad guy in this story... and I kind of agree. But man... this issue was awesome. This arc is moving quickly and is fucking bad ass.

Points to Batman acknowledging he has a son.


  1. I love the art and intensity, and the irony of Batman doing a reverse Knightfall to break Bane.

    However, this issue is decompressed storytelling at its padding-iest.

  2. Well I mean, I guess I see Bane's POV but it kind of falls apart when one considers that PP is an actual human being who he abducted and essentially enslaved.

    Granted Batman is using PP much the same way but in his case he's using him to reverse harm he inflicted on Gotham Girl.

    I too love the Reverse Knightfall maneuver. Also really loved Amygdala's dialogue.

    1. I disagree, PP didn't offer resistance to Bane's petition and when Batman and his team came for him, he was gonna fight them to stay in Santa Prisca. Instead, Alfred pointed a gun at his head to force him to save Gotham Girl. I don't say Bane is right, PP clearly has mental issues and is very dependant in others, he has great power but is always at someone's order (Antimonitor, Hugo Strange, Bane, Alfred) and they take advantage of that. So Bane, without being a good guy, has the right to be piss off at Batman (that doesn't justify hanging the Robins among other things), in fact, Bruce is blaming a lot Bane for things that Hugo is also, and in a bigger degree, guilty. I think it's a story full of greys instead of the black and white thematic between good and evil