Wednesday, March 1, 2017

SPOILERS: Batman #18

Turns out when you take away all the bravado, Batman and Bane are just kind of insane mommy's boys.

The Spoilers:

Bane wants Psycho Pirate back, Batman says "no." This displeases Bane, so he kicks the shit out of Batman. Go figure. All while Bane is telling Batman that he is in fact Bane, we see how their lives mirrored each other. 

Ultimately it ends with Bane having his fill of beating up Batman (who tells Bane to shut up, that's pretty great) and calls Bird, telling him to execute the prisoners and meet him at Arkham Asylum. Well, see Batman and Catwoman had a plan, and that was for Catwoman to get captured and free anyone who didn't leave the city, exactly what she did, and she mocks Bane on the phone about it. 

So Bane decides to go storm Arkham Asylum himself, and Batman is there waiting. 

The Opinion: 

The present day stuff was pretty bad ass, that said, I'm not all that behind the idea of Bane and Batman both just constantly talking to their mothers like they're in the room... Especially with Bane sticking to "mommy" up until present day. It's just... weird. Also, some of those "flashbacks" if you will just seemed sloppy in terms of order, for instance to mirror Bane speaking with Bird, Zombie and the other guy, we see Bruce talking with the family, everyone from Dick to Duke (minus Tim). Then we see a seen of Bane and Batman learning of each other. It just seems out of order. Then after Batman gets the shit beaten out of him, he's just at Arkham waiting for Bane... that was quick. Like if it was Clayface that Bane was beating up, that'd be a cool use of current continuity then that last scene would make sense, but it wasn't so it just... seemed a tad messy.

Other than that, boy this is some of the best work I've seen out of David Finch though. Danny Miki and Jordie Bellaire are definitely making his work sing. Truly some awesome looking stuff in this issue. 


  1. Finch's artwork is amazing. Especially in the bane and rain bits.

  2. My favorite thing was Batman's refusal to say anything to Bane but, "No" and "Shut up." No engagement, just, "No."