Wednesday, March 8, 2017

SPOILERS: Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #8

Ladies all over Nightwing, as usual. So much so they're stabbing him the back. Literally. Bat books were kind of stabby this week... just saying.

The Spoilers:

Nightwing is tracking Gemini back into Gotham, with the new Oracle in his ear, and he's not a fan, but Babs eventually gets on the line, and oh hey, here's Gemini, freshly off killing her friends in Bludhaven, and now she can shape shift, which goes poorly for Nightwing. The Birds make the save, but Gemini gets away and the only clue as to what's going on is a metahuman doctor sounding person named Blackbird. 

After some awkward "am I interrupting anything" between Nightwing and pretty much all the Birds, they get to trying to figure out who is Blackbird, but Oracle isn't any help, because he's being pretty testy. His screen goes blank, pops a pill, probably multiple personality or schizophrenic, comes back and is fine. Ultimately he finds that Blackbird is a ghost, but through his dark net connections he knows that there are underground metahuman fights run by Roulette, and if there's a good place to start, it's there. Black Canary volunteers, Birds of concerned, but nevertheless, she can take care of herself, and some time later gets herself entered in the fights. Elsewhere, Blackbird seems to be improving metahumans' powers and then taking them for herself, so that's bad, but no more Gemini? That's good?

The Opinion: 

See, when the new Oracle character isn't absolutely obnoxious and cringe worthy, I can sufficiently ignore him. At least they're planting seeds of doubt with that, so get his ass out of there! Although, this issue makes it seem like they're going to find out he's suffering from some mental disorder and then feel sad about it and "oooh, he stays!" Nope! Get on out, shitty New 52-esque character!

Anyways, I enjoyed this issue quite a bit more than the last few... which were marred by the above grievances. It had a good mix of action and enjoyable character interactions. The "am I interrupting" bit with Babs walking in on Dick and Helena, then Dinah walking in on those three made me smile. It was also good to see Nightwing acknowledged, shared universe and all. It did do that one thing that bugs me when characters reference others (who aren't in the book) by their full name, in this case Babs saying "Damian Wayne." It just seems so unnatural to me. Like, these characters are clearly familiar with each other and who is being talked about. Do you always refer to friends of friends by their full name? I'm guessing not. Anyways, minor gripe in a pretty solid issue. Roge Antonio's art looked pretty good here too, so continues the trend of me liking some of the issues he drew, and some not so much. Go figure. 

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