Wednesday, March 15, 2017

SPOILERS: All-Star Batman #8

I don't care about Mad Hatter, I really don't. But this issue managed to do something really cool with him that was worth the price of admission, in my opinion.

The Spoilers:

Batman has halted the spread of that death agent for the time being, and somehow paths lead him to Mad Hatter for some reason. I'm not sure why... I honestly forget. But the Blackhawks are still on his trail.

LONG STORY SHORT, when Batman meets with Mad Hatter, through a chemical agent or something, Mad Hatter almost convinces Batman that his entire life was a lie and everything from the Bat flying into the window, was planted by him. He starts to make Bruce doubt himself  all until he doesn't, snaps out of it, then wins. That's pretty much that.

Back up, Duke is basically going to be the Gotham hero who works int he day, not called Lark. It's pretty much been said as much in the the interviews that come out a day before the issue, as is tradition for Snyder books. Why I read these interviews when I know it's just basically going to spell things out, I do not know. Duke figures out Riddler's riddle, but Darryl and Duke's parents are waiting for him at the manor, I don't know.

The Opinion:

I thought the stuff with Mad Hatter was really cool. It was a good head trip issue, and Camuncoli's art was fantastic... but the issue is that I completely forget how this fits into the whole story. I'm sure it's probably in there somewhere, but I just forgot. Could look it up, but that probably defeated the purpose of me going "this did a cool thing but I didn't retain how it fits." Call it distraction, call it a result of stress, or my thinking how badass Batman #19 was... I don't know... Next is Ra's I guess... we all saw that cover, right? 

Also, yeah Duke is going to be day time Batman, except a name that isn't Lark. If that book Snyder has proposed happens, I'll bet money on an arc or trade being called "Gotham by Daylight." 


  1. Hatter is difficult to do without just rehashing all the old hits, but Snyder managed to give a Hatter story his own unique twist.

    Ra's is working with Luthor and Circe over in Trinity, so I wonder about the timing of this.

    Also, I think at some point it will be easier to list the villains who DON'T know Batman's secret identity. We know that Joker, Bane, Ra's, Catwoman, Riddler (likely), Hush, Cluemaster (though he's dead), Lincoln March (also maybe dead, but who knows), Jacob Kane, and I guess Hatter now, too, know. Is Penguin going to find out? Black Mask? Kite Man (Hell Yeah)? Zsaz? I suppose Darryl knows, as well.

  2. I don't think Hatter knows Batman is Bruce Wayne. This information comes from Batman's own dilusion, a bit like that episode in the 90's animated series. And I guess the link with this issue and the end of the arc is that Hatter was hired by the actual big bad of this arc. What exactly was he doing, I guess we'll know next issue.

    As for the backup, I don't want to sound harsh but I feel like Francavilla's art has decreased in quality for those issues. I don't know, it looks more rushed and amateurish. Which is sad for such a great artist.