Friday, March 31, 2017

Batman #20 Preview... kinda?

I say "kinda" because they only posted one page, but I'm pretty sure does this a bit, posting stuff early or incomplete... I'd check back like early next week for maybe the full preview? I mean, what's Newsarama gonna swipe without it?


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Looking Forward: April 5th, 2017

Full disclosure... This will be the first day in a post-Persona 5 release world, so my write ups may very well be "stuff happened, bye."
  • Batman #20: Finale of I Am Bane, I bet they punch each other a bit.
  • Nightwing #18: Pyg leads to Hurt... I'm surprisingly game for this.
Metal is being announced on Sunday at the Dallas FanExpo, watch for that stream. Tom King is also apparently going to talk more about his next arc The War of Jokes and Riddles, which I'm going to guess sounds like a Zero Year flashback.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Stack Highlights: 03/26/2017

Okay, so we're changing things up here. Stack Rundown: Dead. I don't want to write something about every single issue I read in a week. I don't got time for that anymore, and more often than not, I don't have much unique to say about a particular issue that differentiates it from the previous in the series, and it just ends up making me rush through comics so I have everything read by Sunday morning.

So instead, I'm going to replace Rundown with Highlights, which will see me only highlight the issues of the week I actually feel like I have something to say, or they caught my attention for a particular reason. This won't be weekly, because I can't guarantee every week will feature an issue or two that catches my attention in a particular way. So it's more of a "whenever the hell I feel like it" sort of schedule, which suits me pretty well at this point.

Good? Good.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Batman Group June 2017 Solicitations

Dark Days arrive, but screw that, because Zatanna is in Detective Comics, and that's Paul Dini levels of nostalgia awesome.

Mother Panic #5 Preview

Newsflash: I really enjoy Shawn Crystal's art, that is all!

(Source: AV Club)

Dark Days are coming to the DC Universe

Here I was thinking I was going to open this by referencing the Perturbator album in some form, only to remember that's called "Dangerous Days," so there goes that pull.


Metal this is not, but it seems we've got a prelude to Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's now-not-so-summer event, which I've been suppressing my excitement for going on 7 months now? Yeah. Didn't know this was coming, but nevertheless, Scott Snyder, James Tynion, Jim Lee, Andy Kubert and John Romita JR have "The Forge" and "The Cast" one shots coming in June and July that set the stage for events to come... boy you sure do forge and cast metal, don't you?

You can read more about it at DC's site, hell, you've probably already read enough about it while I was at work, but nevertheless, this all sounds cool... and if what half the shit I've heard about the probably-still-called Metal remains true (given the time that's past), this could be one awesome event, unlike those we've seen before.

On top of that, James Tynion has confirmed that this is what the final scene of Detective Comics #950 was about, and on top of that, Tim Seeley of Nightwing and Steve Orlando of Justice League of America have chimed in too.

(Source: DC Comics)

Friday, March 17, 2017

Detective Comics #953 Preview

I am really enjoying the art in this arc.


Looking Forward: March 22nd, 2017

No more Batgirl! I think that book is bad. Not gonna read it anymore.
  • Detective Comics #953: There seems to be a lot of issues of this book that has Batman's team giving him some shit on the cover.
  • Mother Panic #5: Surprised this is coming out so soon, almost missed it. 
Solicitations next week. Seems like the next Batman arc might have to do with Riddler and potentially Joker?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

SPOILERS: Batman #19

You know how you'll watch a John Cena feud and go "Man, the bad guy has a point here, I think John Cena has been the heel all along." That's pretty much this issue in a nutshell.

SPOILERS: All-Star Batman #8

I don't care about Mad Hatter, I really don't. But this issue managed to do something really cool with him that was worth the price of admission, in my opinion.

SPOILERS: Nightwing #17

With any luck, we'll get some pretty messed up stipteases preformed for children! ...without context, that sounds really fucked up. To be honest, even with context it isn't exactly kosher.

SPOILERS: Batwoman #1

Batwoman gets her own new series (again) with Steve Epting along for the ride, and it really reminds me of Velvet... I mean, it's pretty much Velvet kind of.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Batwoman #1 Preview

God this book looks fantastic.

(Source: Adventures in Poor Taste)

Stack Rundown, 03/14/2017

Hey look, I made it. Had a snow day, go figure. Like I said on Twitter, this series of posts is on hiatus. I've got a long term project at work that requires some weekends, so that obviously takes priority. Can't say I can see myself doing this post regularly that much anymore.

All-Star Batman #8 (second) Preview

Now with more pages... and it's like, half the book's content, so if you want to read it on the site whose YouTube channel is hilarious top ten list garbage, then by all means!

Also, I'm going to laugh when Duke decides to call himself Lark like that's a surprise.

(Source: CBR)

Monday, March 13, 2017

Friday, March 10, 2017

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Looking Forward: March 15th, 2017

Would you look at that, I actually put some effort into the graphic this week. That's pretty rare.
  • Batman #19: Bane tearing it up in Arkham... there seems to be a history there.
  • All-Star Batman #8: Mad Hatter is one of those villains really really care very little for, curious to see what Snyder does with him.
  • Batwoman #1: Probably the best looking book of the week, just going out on a limb there.
  • Nightwing #17: Enter Deathwing! Still sad about the lack of 90s in his redesign :( 
Absolutely stacked week. 

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #8

Origin issue! Sort of... and god damn it, again... teasing me with only one issue of Kenneth Rocafort... and Guillem March on variant covers to boot! Maaaaaaan... I need more DC books from both those guys.

SPOILERS: Gotham Academy: Second Semester #7

Well, it took a little bit, but Gotham Academy started to really be Gotham Academy again.

SPOILERS: Mother Panic #4

New arc, new artist, and still... a lot of questions to be had.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Mother Panic #4 Preview

Personal preference, but I enjoy Shawn Crystal's art more than Tommy Lee Edwards. Like both, but Edwards' work is a little busy for me at times.

(Source: Multiversity)

Detective Comics #952 Preview

Aside from one patchwork art issue, Detective Comics has been one of the best visually represented books in Rebirth. Even when you get art that's not from the promoted team of either Eddy Barrows or Alvaro Martinez, it looks fucking great. Blanco and Duce are pumping out some great looking stuff here.

(Source: Den of Geek)

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Stack Rundown, 03/05/2017

Yet another Image books I read comes to an end, yet an old favorite has a new beginning, which was pretty weird, but pretty good? We'll see how that goes. Also, Rebirth stuff is happening in Superman.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Red Hood and the Outlaws #8 Preview

Teasing me with one issue of Kenneth Rocafort art ins't fucking fair. You done fucked up DC, never should have let Marvel woo him away...

Andrea Sorrentino, too.

(Source: Graphic Policy)

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Gotham Academy: Second Semester #7 Preview

Major spoiler in that preview, to which I will say: Oh.

(Source: Adventures in Poor Taste)

Looking Forward: March 8th, 2017

Hey look, we're in March already... June solicits will be this month, so mayyyyybe Snyder/Capullo stuff... pretty tired of sitting on my excitement for that thing. Anyhoo.
  • Detective Comics #952: Batman is 0 for 3 in "this secret society that wants to kill me doesn't exist" in recent continuity... c'mon Bats.
  • Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #8: Boy I hope they acknowledge the Spyral stuff in this issue going off that cover.
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws #8: Taunt me with more Kenneth Rocafort and then take it away, because you're jerks. Seriously DC... get. him. back.
  • Mother Panic #4: Shawn Crystal takes over art for the next three (I think) issues. Curious to see his work on the title.
  • Gotham Academy: Second Semester #7: Forgot about this one then just saw the preview. Whoops!
I'm in full on "Oh god, games" mode. Reading comics is going to be hard these next few months.