Sunday, February 26, 2017

Stack Rundown, 02/26/2017

Lots of books to cover this week. Justice League of America is a real thing now, and it has started off pretty well, so hopefully it can fill that Justice League gap I've got missing in my DC pull.

Justice League of America #1

I like this book so far, counting the one shots that came before it. Steve Orlando has just got a great handle on these character’s personalities and already you’re seeing how well they could mix together (and the opposite direction, while we’re at it). That said, I find it soooooo weird to see Batman all altruistic and seemingly carrying. Also, we keep talking about showing the people that the Justice League is human… and then Lobo. I wonder how long they can give that pitch without addressing the asterisk. 

Teen Titans #5

I don’t talk about this book that much, but I actually like it quite a bit. It’s not amazing, but it does what it does well, and it’s fun to see Damian interacting with other heroes he has no history with, as well as them reacting to him. Though this issue was just a big finger towards me, as I’ve been pointing out DC has basically kicked Damian out of Gotham ever since he came back to life, with him now going “Nah, I’m not going back to Gotham,” but hey… fuck you too, DC.

Suicide Squad #12

Lets keep this team book thing rolling… Amanda Waller is dead, huh? That’s funny, since I’ve seen Tony Daniel tweeting pictures of him drawing her and all the solicits for future issues mention her being around and doing stuff… sort of dropped the ball on that one. The idea of a “who done it?” story is cool… clearly Deadshot is the idea, but who wants to bet Deadshot isn’t the person who shot Waller? The next idea is Harcourt but that’s too obvious… or it’s too obvious to make you think they won’t do it but they totally will. Here’s a question, who isn’t on the cover for the next arc, hmmm? Hack and Flagg aren’t. Hack doesn’t warrant a cover appearance, because seriously, who the hell is she? So my guess is Flagg. 

Wonder Woman #17

Well this was a kind of sad, messed up issue. Basically, Godwatch forces Barbara Ann to become the Chetah again. Meanwhile the Minotaur finds his way to Diana. Not much else immediately happened if I’m being honest. Favorite part by far was when the Godwatch team stopped attacking Steve, Etta and the Minotaur. Why? Because while Steve and Minotaur were like “let’s get the hell out of here.” There was one small panel of Etta staying back for a moment, with a tear coming down her cheek, because she clearly realized what happened with Barbra Ann. I thought that was incredibly well done. 

Batman Beyond #5

I don’t like Terry’s new suit. Have I mentioned that before? No, I don’t think so. Yeah, all those random hits of red, they just don’t look good. Too busy. Especially the eyes. Anyways, someone brought up to me the janitor character and I had quite honestly not given him a second thought until the last issue where he was speaking more… Then by midway through this issue it was pretty clear. Interested in seeing where this book goes with some pieces put back in place. 

The Flash #17

Well this was an ending to an arc. I guess we’re left with the Rogues wiling to cross a line and then rise up to a larger part in the crime scene of Central City. Then we’ve got Kid Flash wanting to take a trip to Belle Reeve, like that’ll go well. 

Deathstroke #13

This book really needs to differentiate its text boxes better. I spent the better part of this issue thinking during the Talon fight, Slade was just talking to himself, then had a conversation with Wintergreen we didn’t hear. Then about 3/4 the way through, I went back and realized those text boxes were Wintergreen speaking to him via radio… Don’t use narration boxes for someone speaking in the present scene! It’s confusing! Use those little speech bubbles with the jagged sides! Also, Slade had sex with his son’s fiancĂ©. I laughed. That’s fucked up. But of course. 

The Old Guard #1

Just minding my own business and all the sudden Greg Rucka has a new book? I feel like this one came out of nowhere, but I like Rucka so I gave it a shot… and it really didn’t do much for me. Immortal band of mercs, doing dirt. The set up, art and aesthetic just didn’t do anything for me. Eh, oh well.

Revival #47

And yet again, another Image title I’ve been reading comes to a close. These past two issues certainly went off the rails in terms of shit happening, but I think everything wrapped up nicely. It’s kind of strange having a book about death coming to an end. Fittingly, people die and that leaves a lasting impression on those who accept it and move on with their life. Really enjoyed this series. It got kind of busy at times, but it was always a fun read. 

Loose Ends #2

The first issue of this book came out back when I was in the middle of my hellish 120 hour time card stretch, so I kind of forgot EVERYTHING from that stretch. Had to reread both issues here, and yeah, this is a cool little Southern Bastards-like book, which is funny, because this is a rerelease from 2006 apparently. Find it interesting how the market has changed and these kind of books are almost too saturated now, where in 2006 it struggled to find its place. I like it though. Has a great style to it. 

Curse Words #2

Another in the “I don’t remember reading the first issue!” list. I had a better grasp on the first issue in my memory than Loose Ends simply because it stood out for it’s own ridiculous nature. Wizard comes to earth in order to destroy it, turns out he likes it, becomes a celebrity, past comes back to haunt him. Wizzord is also just kind of a hilarious dick in the “careful what you wish for” type of way, so that’s fun. I like this book, it’s goofy and entertaining. It’s been a while since I’ve read anything from Charles Soule, so that’s nice too. 


  1. Apropos of nothing, I decided to look up when the collections for the JLA Rebirth stories was going to come out and ended up searching for "Justice League Orlando" - I think I'd read that book if it was just about stopping amusement park crime

    1. It would still be better than Hitch's Justice League. :P

  2. I'll remember Revival pretty fondly. I like Mike Norton's artwork, the Jenny Frisson covers were always gorgeous, and Tim Seeley's a strong storyteller. It was definitely weird and confusing and busy at times, but it was well worth the ride. Great character creation, development, and growth. Basically, nice to have a well written, nice looking, original book to read each month. A solid indie gem. Maybe not a "classic," but I'll definitely give it a re-read one day.

    1. Oh, and of course, I love Orlando's new JLA. He's a true talent. Glad DC's giving him the chance to shine working on "A-List" characters and stories -- even though there are "B-" and "C-List" character sprinkled throughout. Frankly, that's a good thing, because it's something he excels at. I like that Rebirth is re-exploring and plumbing the depths of the DCU and its roster. Orlando's a good choice to do it.

    2. OK, one more comment: Wonder Woman is on point. Greg Rucka is doing Greg Rucka things -- that is being a solid storyteller who understands characters and how to make a reader care about them. I can't remember the last time I cared about the Cheetah character -- maybe never? But Rucka's Rebirth WW has turned me into a Barbara Minerva/Cheetah fan.

  3. I predicting that the two dogs with Veronica are the two gods that took her daughter away turned into animals by Circe.