Sunday, February 19, 2017

Stack Rundown, 02/19/2017

Super Sons launched this week, and despite me feeling like I'm a crazy person yelling "BATMAN AND ROBIN WERE A THING! REMEMBER?!" on the corner of Rebirth and DC Don't Give a Fuck, at least Damian is in some books, even if they don't take place in Gotham because fucking I don't know. Got plenty of late night twitter rants about that...



Super Sons #1

Despite the fact that DC has pretty much thrown the concept of Batman and Robin out the window while going “Rebirth is about all the old concepts you love!” Damian is still showing up places… as long as those places are anywhere but Gotham, as his previous solo series set the precedent. REGARDLESS, boy this was fun. Damian just being a bad influence, trolling Superboy, and getting him to disobey his parents. There’s some genuine funny moments in this book and I’m glad it turned out well for the first issue.

Superman #17

One off issue because this book is all about stories that don’t connect to each other, I guess. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an enjoyable book, but I didn’t see this issue as anything other than “fill up some time for the Action Comics crossover and maybe give more hints that that girl’s Grandpa is weird."

Green Arrow #17

I’m beginning to lose track of how many times the public turns on Green Arrow in this book. I mean, did we not already establish, with a whole lot of people seeing it, that someone else is using green arrows to frame Green Arrow? Then the cop who just went out and said “Yo, Green Arrow is alright” gets killed by a green arrow and now the people are just like “YO GREEN ARROW BAD!” again? Like jesus christ people, where is the logic here? Also, Diggle something whatever… Good book, but when you think about it too much, it starts to show cracks. 

Harley Quinn #14

Man, I’m tired of holding punches: This book sucks. It’s old, it isn’t funny anymore, and most of all: It’s boring. You listen to the same song over and over again, and you’re gonna get bored of it. I read this issue earlier in the week and to be quite honest, I can’t even remember what happened, because I glaze almost instantly now. Bugs… that Terra they made… the bad guy from the “boy they’re milking this fucking book, huh?” mini. I’m out. 

Trinity #6

I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this book. I got super into Rebirth for the shared universe idea, so naturally putting the big three into a book seems like a must read, but then after the first arc is over it’s just like “well this book is just over here doing it’s own little boutique story” or something. It’s fine, and done well enough, but this self contained “Mongul had an imaginary kid that Poison Ivy likes” story doesn’t seem that impactful in the grand scheme of thing. Sure, there’s character exploration, but to be perfectly honest, it isn’t anything new. The pasts of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman have been dug up and dissected so much, it’s hard to say anything new about it. So when all is said and done, I’m left with the question of whether or not this book is for me, and I’m leaning towards “no."

The Wild Storm #1

I don’t know dick about the Wildstorm universe, other than “90s Image, DC bought it, killed it, New 52 didn’t help, but I guess Midnighter turned out well.” That’s about it. But the back matter in recent DC issues had me curious so I checked this out annnnnnd… I don’t know… It’s cool, I guess? But nothing really stood out to me to make me think “I’m a convert!” I’ve always had this issue with Warren Ellis’ stuff. I know he’s regarded as one of the best, but for whatever reason, I never get sucked in. I’ll give it a few more issues to see what’s what, but yeah, I’m not so sure.

WWE #2

I cancelled my WWE network immediately after the Royal Rumble, because what’s the best way to ruin a decent night? Take a rumble match, turn it into the old partimer show, then send out Roman god damn Reigns as the last guy, like anyone’s gonna care. Regardless, this book is fascinating, because it comic-fies a bunch of issues like overworking the talent to the point of injury, but nah, it’s just a comic book storyline now! At least it also goes “Yeah, Brock Lesnar isn’t the best guy to put the belt on from a business standpoint,” which is going to be funny if they put that god damn belt on Goldberg this month.

Sex Criminals #16

At a certain point, I just thought this book didn’t exist anymore. Matt Fraction ran off to the oblivion known as not using social media, and Chip Zdarsky was writing every other book at Marvel. But here we are, they’re planning on shipping this arc monthly, and if the letters are to be believed, this issue is old as shit, so hopefully it happens. My favorite part of this book has become Jon’s mental state. The depression, the deflection, it all hits a chord with me, and I think it is fantastically portrayed.

Invincible #133

I must have missed where Oliver was a double (triple?) agent? I just thought he was working for Thragg and had a change of heart once shit got real… but oh no, it’s completely more fucked up than that, and given this book’s nature and the fact it’s coming to an end, I’m willing to bet it gets even more fucked up in the next year with a whole bunch of people dying. Run on sentences! There’s a weird sense of irony going on here, Eve gives a whole bunch of shit towards Mark about how reckless he is, but when they are going “Let’s go kill this dude” and then ask themselves what about their daughter, it’s just a “we’ll figure it out” thing. Alight?!

Kill or Be Killed #6

This issue is kind of morbidly funny in a way… We got the main character celebrating a murder (though, flippantly acknowledging it’s kind of messed up), glorifying a kill… All while reality is happening around him. We get introduced to the cop who get’s on his case, then on top of that, OH YEAH, the Russian mafia. That’s bad. Shit happening is bad.


  1. Re: Warren Ellis, I'm right there with you. Although I did enjoy The Authority/Stormwatch from Wildstorm back in the day, I've otherwise never been a huge fan. I'm sure that makes me an unsophisticated comics reader or something.

  2. His old wildstorm stuff was great and his recent take on MoonKnight was fantastic. The wildstorm universe has some cool stuff in it. I do miss the over the top 90's art that goes with it however. Orlando's midnighter and Apollo is awesome so I am going to be patient and hope this book gets good

  3. I love me some more Tomasi Batwriting.