Sunday, February 12, 2017

Stack Rundown, 02/12/2017

Justice League of America launched, and I really, really hope that it turns out to be good in the long run, because being all about Rebirth but not reading the (shitty) Justice League book, seems REAL weird.

Justice League of America: Rebirth #1

This was the obvious big book of the week from DC. I enjoyed it quite a bit, which I came to expect given how I liked all the one-shots leading up to this. It was most definietly an “assemble the roster one by one” #0 issue equivalent, but the multitude of personalities is the real selling point of this book for me. My only concern is that it leans too heavily into the obscure DCU, that Steve Orlando certainly knows a lot about. Looking at upcoming solicits, I’m looking at the bad guys like “WHO? ::wikipedia:: Oh! …Oh?” But maybe with Justice League being so generic, this will thrive in the obscurity. 

Deathstroke #12

If you weren’t paying attention to solicits, Raptor of Nightwing fame is showing up in this book, and I think that’s pretty cool. Make this universe more cohesive. Seed a Nightwing/Deathstroke story for the future! I do find it funny that the lynch pin of the conflict is left on “You took my clothes."

Suicide Squad #10

JRJR’s art in All-Star Batman was great, but here comes Suicide Squad and for some reason a bunch of bulky one-off costumes, which does not suit JRJR well in my opinion. Why is Deadshot’s eye piece on the side of his head!? Why are we giving Harley Quinn face tattoos now? Did no one see Suicide Squad!? Blah. Regardless, I liked this issue. While I’m still annoyed it’s doing the 13 page main story and 7 page back up, at least this time the backup is a continuation of the main story.

Titans #8

I honestly don’t know how much longer I am in on this book. I like the idea of this team getting back together and going “hey, what the hell happened?” as it relates to the Rebirth stuff, but the situations they’re finding themselves in, I’m just finding myself less and less interested in each month. 

Wonder Woman #16

I was curious what this alternate arc was going to be after Year One was over, and now we have the answer: Year One and a Half, quite literally. Still in the past, seeing the origins of Godwatch and why they hate Wonder Woman. This is pretty welcome for me, because in the present day arc, these characters were getting introduced, and while I was aware that they were pre established characters, at least some of them, I really had no idea who they were. So, happy for the back story. 

The Flash #16

I really like this arc so far. Just a real fun heist arc between the Flash and the Rogues. I enjoy the fact that some stuff, like Wally got put on the burner. Not because I have anything against Wally or anything, I just enjoy that this arc is just really laser point focused on the story it wants to tell and isn’t trying to juggle subplots or set things up for three arcs down the line. 

Motor Crush #3

We’re going full on Speed Racer with this Racer X looking dude, aren’t we? Obviously I don’t know if the team making this book is wearing their influences on their shoulders that much, but if they are, I’m pretty okay with it. So far this book is a giant mash up of a bunch of different genres and on top of that, there’s great character building and mystery woven in. Really enjoying it so far. 

The Wicked + The Divine #26

The great darkness sure does sound like… a bad thing. I’m liking having all these characters just off the leash, especially given the “anarchy” vote this issue, but just going “now there’s this evil thing!” kind of left me cold. It was just so… nondescript. Black mass that’s evil. K. I guess Laura might be tied to it in some way? Who knows. 

Black Science #28

If there’s one person I want doing on overly chummy satire on the typical super hero team dynamic, it’s Rick Remender. And sure enough, hey you know all those new characters introduced in a book where bad shit constantly happens? Yeah, they dead. Then their perfect world goes to absolute shit in like two panels. Whoops! But this issue was great, the omnipresent narrator really made it. 

Moonshine #5

There was plenty of drinking in this book before, but there wasn’t enough fucking… specifically fucking while a werewolf creeps in the distance watching it all. Yeah, this book is still weird, and is getting weirder. Still real good though. I will admit I’m not following the story with the other gangsters all that well. I guess they brought in a closer of sorts to deal with the bootlegers? Closer as in… he’ll probably shoot some people. 


  1. Couldn't agree more regarding JLA and JL. Rebirth got Soooo much right but JL is an epic failure. I'm hoping JLA becomes the flagship title to propel the Rebirth story forward. Would also be amazing if Steve Orlando brought midnighter and Apollo into the team. I love how he writes those characters

  2. I'll tell ya, I'm mixed on JLA, because I dislike the idea of Lobo on the League, but I like what they're doing with Killer Frost. Also, they brought back Roxy Rocket.

    1. Every time a JL team is put together to potentially contend or oppose the main JL team it has to have one person capable of matching superman. I agree Lobo is an odd choice. I wonder if Bruce Wayne is going to pay him for his allegiance? Again I think Orlando should have brought Apollo in as the JLA superman.

  3. I'm personally enjoying Orlando's use of more obscure DC characters. It's actually something that didn't happen enough during the New 52, in my opinion. I think it's a good reminder of just how much the old DCU actually had that was lost/jettisoned/ignored from 2011-2016.

    1. Also, it helps that Orlando is a strong writer who can actually make you care about the C- and D-list characters.