Sunday, February 5, 2017

Stack Rundown, 02/05/2017

Okay, I'm finally back to normal... sorta. Still a few of my Image books I need to catch up on from a few weeks ago, but I'm getting there!

Midnighter and Apollo #5

This book definitely delivered on what was promised, Midnighter, covered in blood, beating the shit out of the dude who is the incarnation of hell or something. Thumbs up to all of that. That said, it has been heavily Midnighter weighted, which probably makes sense because I’d bet this may have been planned for the last book, but ah well… Looks like Apollo gets his time to shine, pun not intended, in the finale.

Harley Quinn #13

I don’t know what to think about this book. “But FHIZ, you wanted Harley to go in a different direction!” No, I wanted Harley to tell stories of some substance for once… this was just twenty pages of Harley literally torturing a mentally insane person before shooting him in the head. How am I supposed to react to that? It’s not funny, it’s not entertaining, and they’ll move right on past it because of the book’s ADD nature. To be honest, at one point I just stopped reading it because you just get what you need real early on, flipped to and skimmed through the end and went “Yeah, I’d really like a new creative team on this book, still.” 

Green Arrow #16

As good as this book has been, I think it generally tries to juggle too much at once, because as of this issue it was dealing with: Guy who took over Queen industries way back at the start, Emiko’s return, the cops in Vice Squad, and Merlyn is running around doing stuff. It just has a lack of focus from time to time. Arts great and it’s all been fun, but I’d like an arc that’s just laser focused instead of juggling four or five plots at once.

Superman #16

Okay, I’m getting tired of these “random shit in Superman happens and then it just ends on a single page of Mr. Oz going “I’m a thing, remember” then we pretend like it’s interesting.” This is also aided by the fact that I feel like while these Superman arcs individually are pretty good, there’s just been a lack of an overall story in this book. Was the last arc Frankenstein? I can’t even remember. I feel like it was… Nevertheless, here we got “I’m the savior of the universe and I’m going to steal all these Superman’s powers, oh no they beat me and Mr. Oz! The end.” Like… We’re not going from point a to b to c through these arcs. We’re going from point A to point 7 to point potato to point that symbol Prince used for a while.

Deadly Class #26

I KNEW IT! Back at the end of the “finale” of Marcus’ story, Saya whispers some shit to him and I thought “man, that’s suspect” and always had a sneaking suspicion that there’d be more to Marcus’ “death.” And here we are. Maria was more the surprise to me. Anyways, this throws a big old wrench in the “Death to everyone” Remender hallmarks… which now that I think about it, that just happened in Black Science too… shit, keeping me on my toes, I love it.

Papergirls #11

Yo this book still makes barely any cohesive sense but it’s still insane and I kind of love it?! Sure, we’re in 11,000 something BC with the Apple gods, tribal people and more timetravel. None of this shit makes sense but it all looks cool. All that being said, I do enjoy how this book continues to add more and more little character elements to each girl every issue.

Nailbiter #29

I spent each issue of this book basically going “I wish they gave some answers sometime soon” and then they never did… Then we get to the end and they go “HERE’S LIKE 95% OF THE ANSWERS LOL” and I go “whoa, ease off that, this is a lot to digest.” I’m never happy, this is why I watch wrestling! But for real, FINALLY. Case of a “right under your nose” answer, really… but I didn’t get the Sheriff’s reasoning as to how she figured it out. Maybe I should go back… nah, I’ll just enjoy it for the ride.

Invincible #132

Nothing like watching a mother get her face stomped in as her injured child watches. It was another one of those Invincible issues that just sort of made me go “jesus christ…” I mean, sure, it’s all reversed in the end, but after you rip off a pregnant woman’s leg and then years later stomp her jaw off and leave her to go “gu-gu-gu” in front of her crying daughter, you have to wonder where that line of taste is.

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