Wednesday, February 15, 2017

SPOILERS: Nightwing #15

Nightwing likes a lady annnnnd oh no, stuff goes bad.

The Spoilers:

So some time has past, a little over two months, and the relationship between Dick and Shawn has grown over that period of time. Both of them relate to their heroic and not so heroic friends about the ups and downs of their relationship (Damian apparently constantly tells Starfire about Dick's new girlfriend to reminder her she's "not special" because holy shit), and ultimately, it ends up with Dick telling Bruce he loves her.

And oh no, here she goes getting kidnapped. Probably by Deathwing. 

The Opinion: 

I'm not exactly a fan of either forced or quickly come up with super hero romances, very noted over the history of this site. That said, I'll give this issue credit for two things: I enjoyed how it told the story over a long period of time, giving some sense that time has passed, even though it was a single issue. I also enjoyed that this issue focused on the mundane shit about relationships, like Dick telling Bruce that they argue about loading the dishwasher. That seems more natural than the typical super hero stuff of either keeping secret identities or new random characters that totally have a history that was just made up and now we're supposed to care. 

Art looked nice too. Forgot it wasn't Marcus To at one point. That said, this might be a digital thing, but I noticed a lot of the more solid colors like in the backgrounds, looked as if they had a weird texture almost similar to JPEG artifacts when an image was saved in low quality. For whatever reason I found it kind of distracting. Not sure if that's what it looks like in print or not. 

Holy shit at the Damian bit though. Even off screen, he's making me laugh.

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