Wednesday, February 1, 2017

SPOILERS: Nightwing #14

Nightwing's first adventure in Bl├╝dhaven ends, but new ones, that may or may not included XTREME 90s nipple rings lay ahead.

Now look, I know that's a weird statement, but it's 100% actually probable... if Tim Seeley knows what's right and DC doesn't mess it up!

The Spoilers:

So Miss Bludhaven detective with a slavic sounding name I can't remember right now is in an uneasy alliance with Nightwing and Defacer, they go save the girl and catch the murderer, she'll take the credit. That's pretty much what happens. During the course of the rescue, we find out that Cherry, the marketing agent who got abducted was in on the whole thing, and she wasn't just trying to save her job with the Nightwing campaign, but she made it in hopes he'd stay and save the city from what she and Jimmy Nice did. 

We find out Jimmy's motivations. He was guilty of a crime and he knew it, so he wanted to punish those who made it possible. He's got a thing with reflections and when the Detective shoots his Kirby Laser Staff or whatever it is, the mirror shatters and messes up his face. 

Day saved, things go back to normal. Dick thinks about leaving Bludhaven and going back to Gotham, but he takes Shawn's job at the Haven, and she pretty much reads him for being Nightwing. They start a little thing...



The Opinion:

Same thoughts as last time, I thought this story was pretty good. It had a real different feel than the previous stories. Not as high stakes or suspenseful in my opinion. While I thought it was entertaining enough, I didn't get as invested, so I sort of lost some of the finer details of the mystery along the way. Nevertheless, t'was fun. Looking forward to how these crazy fools bring back Deathwing. Hopefully it's something more than the red suit. I need it to be stupid

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