Thursday, February 16, 2017

SPOILERS: Mother Panic #3

Mother Panic comes face to face with Batwoman, and as you may have come to expect, she tells her to go fuck off.

The Spoilers:

Violet is on her way to the address she got off of Hemsley and runs into Batwoman on the way. Not too conversational, Violet strikes and eventually gets away, finding herself at the intended destination. Inside she finds Gala, crazy artist lady, and a bunch of kids. Gala tries to firebomb the place, Violet is ready to go after her, but convinces herself to saves the kids.

Batwoman finds her again and Violet's got words, demanding to know why Batman or anyone else wasn't there to save those kids (probably meaning so she could go after her target and not have to worry about it). Batwoman basically gives the "we were watching and knew you'd pull it off" thing, to which Violet gives a "fuck off" back. 

She then goes back to Hemsley, who I think she paralyzed? Not sure, but basically just saying there's a whole lot of stuff she doesn't know, but will find out. We see a flashback of her brother, pissed at her for what happened to their father, putting her in some sort of creepy religious boarding school. Then some stuff with her Doctor in the present talking about bringing that guy she sort of kidnapped to help her mother?

The Opinion:

So yeah. I like this book's vibe, but it just seems to be kind of... loose, or airy. This is also compounded by the fact it slipped from a monthly schedule almost immediately, and with the increasing time between issues, I lose details I was already a bit hazy about. When I went to do the looking forward post last week, my first thought was "wait, we're only on issue 3?" I just have questions as to what Violet's questions are. She took out that Hemsley guy and then found Gala... then she comes back saying "there's a lot of things that I don't know but I'll find out." Like... I don't know what she's looking for. It's hardly feels established. I'd just like the point before the style.


  1. Question, when do you think a comic book should introduce what the goal is in an arc?

    1. For an entirely new character part of an imprint that's based on obscurity? Relatively early. Vagueness does nothing to hook someone like me in.

    2. Would you say Issue #2 or #3 is fair? Would Batwoman be the opponent of Mother Panic? I mean not the main one, but a side opponent to involve this character into the Bat-universe?

  2. Does anyone know why my issues of Mother Panic #3 say "April 2017"?