Thursday, February 9, 2017

SPOILERS: Gotham Academy Second Semester #6

So that kid basically tries to kill his classmates. Huh.

The Spoilers:

So basically, while all the kids are looking for either Pom or Colton, Pom and Tristian are digging their way into some crypt under the Academy adorned with all the symbols they've been seeing. They're followed by Eric, who attacks them while calling himself the Symbolist, as he's got a thing for all those symbols. Pom opens a big sealed gate, Eric tries to literally kill her, ends up knocking Tristian, who got tied up, into the pit, just as Olive, Maps and Amy shows up. Amy goes "Well Olive, ain't that some shit, yo you should totally burn that dude."

The Opinion: 

Pretty decent issue. That said it still isn't scratching that itch the first volume did. The story at hand just isn't all that interesting to me. I feel like we're going to find out what the symbols mean and it will just be something I go "Oh..." at then move on. Hopefully I'm wrong, I could use a spark to start me up again on the Gotham Academy hype train. Eric going "I'LL KILL YOU" seems a bit extreme. At this point the part I'm most interested in is figuring out why Amy is trying to get Olive to burn shit like she's Ralph Wiggum's leprechaun. 

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