Wednesday, February 22, 2017

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #951

Shiva gets word that the Colony, the one force that stood in the way of the League of Shadows, is out of the picture, and boy do things not go well.

The Spoilers: 

As we saw in the preview, Shiva is back and as ruthless as ever. While Batwoman trains the team in the mudroom, she also converses with Batman about Cassandra and potential social difficulties she may be facing, while he heads off to see Mayor Hady.

Unfortunately for Batman, Mayor Hady is crucified with swords adorned with bats. Cue the cops and now the old "Batman killed the person" thing is back in play. Before all that, Hady gets the "League of Shadows" off his lips, and Batman makes his mistake.

Col. Kane basically gives Bruce and his daughter the old "I told you so, and you better listen to me know because you're fucked." Bruce is still skeptical, but even Kate is starting to question Bruce's steadfast dedication to his "League of Shadows doesn't exist" mantra. Then the news happens.

Luke calls Bruce and Kate to the Belfry's main hall where two news reporters fall victim to Joker venom. Immediately following that, there's reports of a whole bunch of people rioting in a park, laughing their asses off. The team goes to intervene, but Cassandra immediately notices something is wrong, and not long after that, everyone who was rioting stops and faces Batman's team that is now surrounded.

Turns out Col. Kane was absolutely right, the League of Shadows was hiding amongst civilians the entire time. 

The Opinion: 

I don't know what it was about the scene with Cassandra realizing what was going on, but her figuring it out was just a cool badass moment to me. It was definitely a cool issue. The League of Shadows is already set up to be brutal. Shiva's dialogue in that opening scene was faaaaantastically scary and intimidating. The only two things that stuck out to me as "really?" moments was Bruce once again going "Secret organizations don't exist." Hello says the Black Glove and a Court of Owls...

...I should really read the Morrison run again.

But I digress, and second of all, I'm having the same issue with Green Arrow right now, I'm real over the "The cops think the good guy hero, who is well known for being a hero, killed this public figure" plot line. Seen it so many times before. 

Despite those two points, another great start to hopefully a great arc. This book is still reeeeeeal good.


  1. Ditto on Batman being framed for killing Hady. He is more reputable than Green Arrow right now, and yet they still blame him. Assumptions, huh?

  2. Also batman saying Cassandra could beat him in a battle.... um, no. Maybe the rest of the bat-team without any of their gear. But not batman.

    1. That's pretty much how she's always been portrayed.