Wednesday, February 15, 2017

SPOILERS: Batwoman: Rebirth #1

I imagine Steve Epting was a "yeah right" art pick in an office meeting one day, then he signed on and people at DC went "OH SHIT! We did it!"

The Spoilers:

Yo, you know Batwoman's origin? Good, because that's like 85% of this issue, mother and sister being killed (well, one of them) to present.

There's something in here referred to the Lost Year, before Kate became Batwoman, where we meet a former lover and another woman who looks to be an assassin of sorts, see the cover for the first actual issue. 

Then there's the ending, which shows what to come... and it's I thiiiiiiiink Kate with what looks to be the Colony, or a similar suit, telling them to open fire on Gotham. Then a teaser page of other shit that's to come, looks like we'll get stuff along the lines of Scarecrow and Beth will return. 

The Opinion: 

This was one of those issues where I went "a majority of this issue isn't meant for me because I know this already," made worse by the fact that the Detective mini arc tread over some of this ground as well. That said, what is set up is certainly some shit

Steve Epting's art though. Wooooo, perfect for the character. The only thing I'd like to see more are some of those stylized panel layouts that came with the JH Williams interpretation of the character, and have stuck since. There was one in here, but I could use some more. The only thing I had really agains the art was the final page. It confused me. Certainly a Batwoman looking costume, but the hair color was brown and the figure looks way too old to be Kate. At first I thought it was her mother, but then went back and she's definitely blonde... So yeah, I think that's supposed to be Kate?



  1. I've heard a theory that the Kate at the end is a future Kate who has returned to the present. It explains why she looks so old despite that scene occurring "soon", and it feeds into the theme of Kate being her worst enemy that the series seems to be aiming for. Plus it lets there to be an "evil" Kate without the "real" Kate becoming evil.

    1. I had the idea of it being a future set story too, then I thought "well, let's see if we'll ever get that story or if we're gonna get Geoff John'd here."

      ::cough:: Rise of the Seven Seas ::cough::