Wednesday, February 15, 2017

SPOILERS: Batman #17

In case you were wondering: Yeah, Bane is still mad.

The Spoilers: 

So, those three bodies at the end of the last issue were indeed Dick, Jason and Damian, but they weren't quite dead yet, so Batman took them to the Fortress of Solitude to have Superman keep them there for the duration of Bane's attack. 

Meanwhile in Gotham, while Alfred is disguised as Jeremiah Arkham, bringing Gotham Girl, who is disguised as Hush to see Psycho Pirate, who has to be held at gunpoint to do what Alfred says, funny image, Bane's henchmen are doing their own thing, wounding and capturing the likes of Bronze Tiger, Catwoman, James Gordon and whatever Duke Thomas is going to be called. 

With those four captured, Bane brings them to the roof of the Asylum and calls Batman out. 

The Opinion: 

This issue is just shit hitting the fan over and and over again. I love the vibe of Bane just not fucking around. This was one of those brisk Tom King issues that kind of feels short, but it's only because shit is happening left and right, page after page. That said, I don't know how necessary that big two page splash of Batman on the roof early on was, but eh, whatever. 


  1. GS, did you hear Bane is getting a new miniseries out of this?

    1. Yeah, I don't really care. Nothing about the pitch grabbed me and the design with Bane's mask having holes cut out for mouth and nose looks clownish.

  2. I loved seeing Bane's classic henchmen, Bird, Trogg, Zombie. It's too bad they were so easily subdued, but hey, maybe they'll make a comeback.