Wednesday, February 1, 2017

SPOILERS: Batman #16

That Batburger scene... wrap it up, throw some Eisners at it. Comics have peaked for the year.

The Spoilers:

Bane is coming, and he's making himself known to Batman, by placing compromised "guards" within Arkham, where Pyscho Pirate is being held. 

The next day Bruce meets with Dick, Jason, Damian and Duke at Batburger, in a scene that just needs to be read. I'm not doing it any justice. He tells them Bane is coming, and he needs five days for Psycho Pirate to cure Gotham Girl, before he destroy's Pirate's mask. Bruce doesn't want any of them in Gotham, he doesn't want them int he line of fire. When Bruce leaves, Duke gives the old "So we're going to leave, right" and the other three go "YOU LISTEN TO BATMAN?! NERD!" 

After a rooftop meeting with Catwoman where Batman goes "You probably should leave" and she goes "NERD!" Bruce preps Gotham Girl for her first meeting with Psycho Pirate, but when the reach the cave, Gotham Girl screams in horror when they find the bodies of Dick, Jason, and Damian hung by a noose with the words "I. Am. Bane." painted on them.

The Opinion:

And Selina totally killed those 200 something people.

Yeah, some "news" sites really trying to get those clicks pretending that DC just killed three Robins. Uh huh. Right. Nevertheless, dramatic last page, I'll give it that.

Look, we can talk about how tense this set up is, but the fact of the matter is, like half this issue takes place in a McDonalds. I thought that was weird as shit when I skimmed through it... but oh my god, that scene is great. Like... holy shit. The banter, Jason stealing Damian's toy and then becoming real self aware when Damian takes a shot at his hairline. Oh my god, it was perfect. 

Speaking of Finch's art, it was real good this issue. He inked it himself and the lines had a lot less of a heavy look, a lot like how Danny Miki (who takes over in the coming issues, I believe) treated the pencils. It was the first issue in awhile where I didn't detest the platypus looking faces when characters were outside of their masks. Looked real good, especially Catwoman. 


  1. Bat Burger scene was peak King. Almost guarantees my purchase of the trade, regardless of the rest of the storyline (which will probably be good anyway). Loved the interaction, even made me like Jason for a moment. Damian getting a Red Hood toy was priceless, as was Duke's fear that it was his turn to die next.

    Also, poor Gotham Girl. Hang in there!

  2. Personally i felt The last two main arcs I am Gotham and Suicide have been a bit sloppy written. However this is the first issue in which I feel King has really begun to hit his stride. The dialogue was perfect, he nailed the characteristics of the family members and Bruce. The pacing of this issue this issue flowed smoothly as well. And I can't believe I am saying this- David Finch's art looked good.

    Oh, and first issue of the new Batman run to actually anowledge that Damien exists and he is a Robin.