Wednesday, February 22, 2017

SPOILERS: Batgirl #8

Alright, I've given this enough shots, and no thanks, I'm good.

The Spoilers:

So Babs goes on a date with that guy, his mom was a waitress at Penguin's club, Penguin don't want him. Gabs volunteers at library, there's another app that's like uber for having someone walk you home. Alysia got profiled as transgendered person. Magpie is one of the uber walkers, cares about her rating too much. Ethan wants to get rid of Batgirl, I don't know.

The Opinion: 

If you've been following this site over the years, you know what the "clearly doesn't give a shit" write up means: I'm dropping the book. 

All my previous complaints remain true, but this particular issue allowed me to pinpoint exactly what is pushing me away from this book: It's everything people who negatively thought it would be when they judged soft reboot with that original Batgirl taking a selfie in the mirror cover.  Fortunately, the Fletcher/Stewart/Tarr run had some nuance to it, it was fresh, and it didn't lean too hard into the cliches it could have easily taken advantage of. Here we have Magpie literally being really mad about her not having a perfect rating on the fake uber app. There's being too on the nose and then there's being hit in the face with a blunt hammer. Then you got my "boy I'd like a Barbara Gordon story that doesn't revolve around her boyfriend," complaints that remain. Then there was the scene with Alysia, and god damn this is going to sound really awful today, but I thought it was a bad scene. I'm sorry, but it was out of left field and contributes nothing to the story other than being there for tokenism. I've seen trans characters better represented than this and who offer something more than being there for something more than going "here's the trans character, did you know they were trans?" I don't know, I could go on more but I feel like I'll just dig myself into a hole, so I'll just leave it at that when all is said and done, to me it came off as cheap pop drama... Also, a bar that's a laundry mat? Good lord that's obnoxious.

Yep, I'm done. Cleary, this book isn't for me anymore. 

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