Wednesday, February 8, 2017

SPOILERS: All-Star Batman #7

God damn it, doesn't this book look spectacular. Whoever had the idea to get Tula Lotay to draw Poison Ivy specifically, needs a raise.

The Spoilers:

So the short end of the story is this: Ivy is out in death valley, running experiments on a tree that could possibly be part of a certain "type" (probably not the best word) of trees that scientists believe could have been what others referred to as the tree of life. Only this tree doesn't magically make people live longer, it produces a lot of scientific stuff that could be used for scientific reasons, good and bad. 

Batman shows up, and much like the last issue, there's apparently some military forces on their way to take or destroy whatever Ivy is working on. He tells Ivy that some of Mr. Freeze's virus got out and it has infected a little girl, who much like Ivy, is interested in studying plants. Ivy sees through Batman and can tell he's hiding something and works it out of him. The little girl is dead, but the virus could spread, and the mysterious military force after her? Well, they're actually following Batman, and started during the whole Two-Face deal. Batman is basically just trying to get Ivy's help in potentially stopping the disease, a big shrug towards the military group.

Military eventually shows up, Ivy controls Batman to help her fight them off, but the tree ends up getting burned, and when the soldiers are defeated, Ivy commands Batman to leave out of anger. He doesn't, wax lips, he was helping her on his own accord. Feeling some sort of thanks towards Batman, Ivy agrees to give him a plant that could help him stop the virus, on one condition: He makes sure the world doesn't name the virus after the little girl who just wanted to study plants.

Then in the back up, Duke still doesn't know what he is in the grand scheme of things, what else is new, there's some Year One imagery.

The Opinion: 

Really enjoyed this issue. Looked absolutely fantastic. Loved Ivy's new look, metal face paint and all. Who knows if it'll stick, but it's cool. (Actually, I like the black streak, the white around the face was a little off, or maybe that's just how it looked some panels, whatever). This issue also gave some context as to what was happening in the last issue and started to show what may be the bigger story at play that connects these on off issues. That said, while it was stressed that this was in continuity, it's starting to remind me of Superman: Unchained, which was also in continuity, just no one ever recognized it as such. It was a weird middle ground, and All-Star seems to be getting there too. When all is said and done, I just don't want it to end up like Unchained: Good, but it just sort of came and went then everything else moved on. It's a personal preference thing, really. I like my books to have a lasting effect that is built off of.

Then there's the back up, which... hate to say it, I've pretty much just given up on. I don't understand the color wheel stuff and beyond that, there just has seemed to be very little in the way of progression with Duke. "Still don't know who you are in Gotham's crime fighting world? Bruce still not saying anything? Sucks man, see you next month, I guess" that's what it's been like. The story is just vague and becoming frustrating for me at this point. It had a really cool tease in the first installment, then just went to Duke going "I don't know!" and Bruce going "Well you should figure it out" for six months now. Ugh. It's frustrating that I don't like it as well. Again, ugh.


  1. I couldn't agree more as it pertains to giving a raise to whoever came up with the idea of Lotay drawing Ivy. Also, I dunno if you know this, but hylandia dockrillii, the stuff she was using with the tree, is a real plant that is being looked at for cancer fighting properties. In other words, Poison Ivy was trying to find a way to cure CANCER.

  2. This was probably my least favorite issue of All-Star. I don't like how the evil Ivy has done is swept under the rug, and I don't like how it seems like it was partially done this way because idiots on Twitter harass everyone at DC about portraying Ivy as a good guy. She's still a monstrous person for controlling people against their will and killing innocents. The art was admittedly great, though. I also wonder if Snyder thinks he's being subtle with the foreshadowing about Duke's role being a daytime Batman.

  3. Yeah I don't like them turning Ivy good Batman like have no female villains anymore.

  4. Anybody know what the symbol that appeared on one of the soldiers was?