Sunday, January 29, 2017

Stack Rundown: The Past 40 Years or So

Missed Stack Rundown last week, mainly because I was in the middle of a 40 hour work week... of the course of Friday through Sunday. Yeah, moving offices sucks. Anyways, I didn't have any time to read any comics and here we are. I went through all the books other than Image published, that I read and did real quick thoughts. Caught up now! ish.

Green Arrow #15: I think Emiko needs a little more Red if she’s going to go by Red Arrow, but that’s just me.

Harley Quinn #12: I thought “Yeah, Joker has done some shit, but how am I supposed to route for Harley when she’s just torturing him?” and then the preview for the next issue confirms she thinks it’s not the real Joker and I’m just like “well, oh”

Justice League #13: This wasn’t what was originally solicited, and it shows. Didn’t feel necessary at all.

Justice League of America Rebirth One Shots: Both the Ray and Killer Frost issues continue the streak of great introductory characterization. Looking forward to JLA if Orlando keeps up this character work.

Justice League vs Suicide Squad #5 & 6: The payoff of this event really wasn’t there. It was billed as having big reveals in terms of Rebirth, and it was mostly just “Emerald Empress is looking for Saturn Girl” and “Johnny Sorrow knows about the Justice Society.”

Superman #15: I’m not sure if i even read this. I went to read it on Friday night and thought “Wait, I read this already, right?” But couldn’t tell. I think I remember the bad guy just feeling random.

Trinity #5: Poison Ivy’s inclusion to this story seems a little bit of a stretch at best. Just seems messy.

Batman Beyond #4: This, like a lot of the other Rebirth books that aren’t bi-monthly seems like it’s taking for fucking ever. It’s alright, but I’m over this Jokerz story, especially now since we know it’s just going to be “hey, Bruce is back.”

Deathstroke #11: This was soberingly depressing in the wake of the current state of affairs. I guess that’s the point.

The Flash #15: Liking this arc so far, it’s really fun.

Suicide Squad #10: Ehhhhhhhhh. Humanizing Waller isn’t necessarily what I’m looking for.

Teen Titans #4: Still not a fan of the art, but Damian and his team’s reactions to him are pretty good.

Wonder Woman #15: I like how this book is seemingly going to tell this arc by using all the other characters other than Diana. Interesting.

Doom Patrol #4: The wait sure was worth it, because this book is still fucking charmingly weird.

WWE #1: Fucking A’, they’re retconning kayfabe events with shit like HBK influencing Rollins to cash in Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania and Triple H being pissed about it. It goes so fucking deep! This is fantastic! Current WWE programming is still mostly shit though.

Those were the DC books I read over the past week. Haven’t touched the Image ones yet since I try to digest those at a slower pace. Really just trying to burn though all these DC books and catch up. Safe to say working three weeks worth of hours in two fuuuucking sucks. Anyways, the image books I’ve got to read include Saga and Revival which I’m sure are good. I picked up Charles Soule and Ryan Browne’s new book Curse Words, it looks fun. Loose Ends is another title that caught my attention, so I’ll give that one a try. Final volume of Sunstone also came out, but I’ve yet to even finish the fourth so I’m sure I’ll get to that… never, hah.

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