Sunday, January 15, 2017

Stack Rundown, 01/15/2017

Cooling off a bit on Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, hopefully it delivers something big these next two issues other than "punchy punchy fight fight." Good news is, comics are still pretty good.

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #4

I really don’t like Pasarin’s art at all. I’ve said this before. He just straight up draws any Bat character’s cowl incorrectly, and it bothers the shit out of me. Moving on. So this is sort of wearing a bit thin for me. It has quickly turned into a shallow “Just super heroes fighting eachother” sort of story. It promised big Rebirth shit and so far it’s just been Superman going “I know Max Lord,” Emerald lady looking for Saturn Girl and Johnny Sorrow might have said something that alluded to the JSA? or that was just in promo material. Hopefully the next two issues deliver a good conclusion.

Suicide Squad #9

Though the main event has started to sour just a bit, I do think the way they’re doing the tie-in series is smart. They are by no means required reading, and they don’t try to tell side stories that are forgettable, but instead, they fill in missing context which only serves to enhance the main story. I like it. We got the story of the original Suicide Squad and why everyone hates waller. It was cool. LOVE Rossmo’s art as always.

Justice League of America Rebirth: Vixen #1

Like the Atom one shot before it, I think this issue did a fantastic job of laying out the groundwork of who Vixen is and where she’ll fit in the upcoming JLA. If Steve Orlando can keep up this type of individual character work while maintaining a good team balance and dynamic on the regular JLA series, then we’re in for a fucking treat.

Deathstroke #10

Yeah, these two issues have just been sort of whatever for me. Once the flashback story was over I just sort of asked myself what the point of it was… I’m sure 7 issues later it’ll be referenced and I’ll be lost, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. I don’t know, ready for this book to get back to being real twisty and shades of moral grey.

Wonder Woman #14

Reading this book, I started to remember just how much I liked the Azz/Chiang Wonder Woman, from story to visual design and all. While I think this book is great, this issue with classic Ares and all that really gave me mixed feelings about throwing all that shit out. I mean, sure, Wonder Woman’s continuity is thrown out as often as Marvel has events, but still… sucks. Sorta.

Titans #7

If we’re going to have pre-New 52 characters in this Rebirth universe, I need more of this shit. Just two guys going “Well, weird shit went down, huh?” I hope at the very least when we get around to that Batman/The Flash crossover that Wally is brought into that. Here it was just really Superman going “Go get Linda to love you again, champ!” and then the Titans have a base. 

The Flash #14

I don’t know what it is, but I feel Williamson has really hit his stride in this book recently. It started off strong, but these past few issues have really struck a chord with me. Rogues are back in town, sorta… well not really, but Flash is looking for them. For an issue where it’s mostly just the hero looking for people, it was really well paced and had a lot of content without feeling overloaded. Just real solid stuff.

Southern Bastards #16

Outside of the fact that this issue basically had car salesman Burt Reynolds with a fucking monkey in a football uniform that steers a moving car, which should be enough to win all sorts of Eisner awards, it’s still got a great story too. I just love how shitty Coach Boss’s life is turning out to be. Everything around him is failing and it feels so good since he’s a giant piece of shit. Assuming this book eventually ends on him getting his, maaaaan is it going to feel great.

Motor Crush #2

In a world where a lot of the Image titles I read are either wrapping up or have already wrapped up, I’m glad new titles like this can start out so strong. Outside of the great art and action, we get introduced to more characters and circumstances this time around. Fletcher and Stewart give enough details to let you know who these characters are and what they mean to eachother, but leave enough out for readers to be left wondering and fill in the blanks. It’s a great way to keep invested. So far so good for Motor Cursh, turning out to be really fun. 

Moonshine #4

I was left a tad confused by some of the events of this issue. Mainly the woman from the woods who came to the hotel… yeah that confused me. Then there’s the fact that I can’t keep my rednecks straight and all the sudden one’s getting punched and I don’t know why. Still a good book, this issue just didn’t hit with me for whatever reason. 


  1. I have to agree re: Wonder Woman's continuity. I thought the Azzarello-Chiang run was fantastic, especially the art and design. It made perfect sense that the gods would take these contemporary forms. And the issues they did telling tales from Wonder Woman's youth were great in terms of filling in her backstory a bit.

    Now, it's not completely clear to me that Rucka is totally throwing out the things established in that run. Year One doesn't conflict, per se. And "The Lies" / "The Truth" story arc has been a little confusing to me so far. I guess we'll see how far that goes in re-writing her history -- is she made of clay? Is she Zeus' daughter? Both? Does it matter? Probably not because like you say, it'll be thrown out in 5 years anyway. Sigh.

  2. DC is overdue for some sort of progression in the rebirth story line. I think the upcoming superman reborn cross over and the batman flash cross over will move that story along. I am in total agreement regarding Steve Orlando's JLA. Can't wait. Still am any believe that the ONE book that rebirth completely got wrong would be the flag ship Justice league. Hitch is s complete Hack

    1. Justice League has been brutal. What a misfire. I dislike Hitch's writing and his art has really fallen off badly. I agree the crossovers are overdue. We need some clarity on what Rebirth is actually all about, other than bringing back pre-New 52 Superman. I'm also excited for Steve Orlando JLA. He's one of DC's best talents.

    2. Ditto. Justice league stinks. JLA is a title I might get.