Sunday, January 8, 2017

Stack Rundown, 01/08/2016

Oh god, there are so many comics. Stop comics, my Sunday mornings can't take it anymore. Lots of my Image pulls are coming to an end, can Rebirth stop being pretty good? I could go for a week where I read two books.

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #3

As entertaining as this book can be based off the interactions of the two different teams, it’s starting to become typical event action fluff. Here’s the rundown… Justice League and Suicide Squad aren’t fighting anymore because Max Lord is running with Amanda Waller’s original Suicide Squad who is out to get Eclipso. The end. I want all that Rebirth stuff other than Superman going “OH FUCK, Max Lord,” which is something I want more of. I keep forgetting Superman is technically pre New 52 Superman outside of a few acknowledgments. I want more of him knowing what to expect and bringing that up. 

Harley Quinn #11

Here’s the problem with this book… one of many in my opinion, so there’s this Joker stuff, which I read, it was good… Then there’s a whole bunch of random bullshit that you can literally skip and get to the end of the book without feeling like you’ve missed anything. That’s what I did with the underground vault thing. Remember in the original arc how there was some big locked up room under Harley’s place? Mysterious huh, must be something important? Nope. Just some random bullshit tentacle monster that they beat for no reason and then moved on. It didn’t matter in any respect. I want a new team on this book so badly. I just want a Harley Quinn book with substance, this book has run its course more times than I can count. 

Superman #14

It’s funny, I was expecting all the random Supermen, because that’s what was promised, but the Tuesday before this issue came out, I was looking at my shelf and picked up my copy of Multiversity, flipped through it, and went “I should probably read through this again at some point,” and here comes the Justice League Incarnate. Don’t get me wrong, cool as shit, but I just wish there was some build up to this. Goes back to what I said last issue where these arcs just feel random with no line going through them all the connect the events… That said, with all the talks of “lysts” I kept thinking about the List of Jericho, so that was fun. 

Green Arrow #14

I mean, you’re big reveal doesn’t really do much when the variant cover of the issue spoils it. I remember seeing the preview early in the week with an unobscured Merlyn right on the cover and went “oh, well I guess that’s that, then.” 

Justice League of America: The Atom #1

Planning on picking up Steve Orlando and Ivan Reis’ JLA because fucking Justice League isn’t getting it done with Bryan Hitch, so might as well read these one shots, right? So Ryan Choi, here’s what I know about him: Gail Simone created him, then Deathstroke killed him and people got mad. That’s about it. This issue does a really fantastic job of re-introducing Ryan Choi to people like me who know pretty much nothing. Over a span of a couple of years in only 20 pages, everything from his motivations to faults are lined out perfectly and paint a really vivid image of who he is. Within these 20 pages I actually cared about a character I barely knew anything about before. Hopefully this kind of writing continues in JLA proper. 

Midnighter and Apollo #4

Midnighter headbutts a mystical bullet through a demon’s fucking skull. I could go on about what this issue did and the game between Neron and Apollo, but fuck that. BULLET HEADBUTT. That’s all that matters. It’s all that should matter.

Justice League #12

Well speaking of Justice League, Tim Seeley is giving some relief from the standard “This should be the driving force book in Rebirth but it’s not lol, because fucking why would it be? You thought we’d get everything right? HAHA! How about we get the biggest book completely wrong!” post Rebirth Justice League content… yeah, I’m still mad. We get Max Lord’s origin story and how he relates to Amanda Waller. Spoilers: nothing goes well between those two. But it does have a flashback to the New 52 Justice League vs. Darkseid, and while all the League is using their powers and strengths, it just has Batman giving Parademons knuckle sandwiches which is pretty badass. 

Nailbiter #28

All the Image books I’m reading are ending! To be fair, on more than one occasion I’ve gone “this book seems like it’ll be wrapping up soon.” And it definitely is… maybe it’s because the entire town blows the fuck up this issue. So after all the times I’ve gone “Oh, big reveals coming up” only to have more mystery laid on top, it finally seems like it is ALL coming together now. 

Saga #41

Way to go you print reading sheep! You and your cover misprints delayed the glory of Saga for us higher class in the digital space! SHAME! Shame shame shame! …pretty sure there was a missing word bubble in the comixology copy of Nailbiter this week, but ANYHOOOOO. Shit totally hit the fan this issue like it usually does. Family gets found out, they’re flying to a giant evil baby planet or something, and Marko who is all “no violence” ends up having to kill someone. Shit goes baaaaaaaad.

The Wicked + The Divine #25

Speaking of shit going bad… what’s more bad than something called “The Great Darkness.” It’s pretty great… as in big, and pretty dark, so that seems pretty bad, huh? Ever since the major death a few issues back, this book has sort of gone off the rails in a good way. The characters don’t have their in story limiter, and the book doesn’t have it anymore so it can sort of go nuts. Real fun. 

Black Science #27

I have always praised this book for changing it up so frequently to keep things interesting… little did I know that we were going to go full super hero team, because that is definitely one of the crazier ways this book has changed things up. With Remender having left super hero books relatively recently ago, I’m curious to see if he’s going to have anything to say, so to speak, in regards to them… So everybody dies… or we subvert expectations and everyone lives… Nah, ending this issue on “well, our home reality is fucked” is pretty bleak. 

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