Sunday, January 1, 2017

Stack Rundown, 01/01/2017

Happy new years! 2016 sure did suck, right!? But at least it's not like everything that was wrong with 2016 is still wrong because only a day past and nothing actually changed, right!?

...well, at least comics are neat.

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #2

This was an entertaining enough issue, had some nice little Rebirth teases, considering two of Max Lord’s “Suicide Squad” members are villains of teams that currently do not exist. Other than that, it was one of those padded out event issues that’s just a bunch of action scenes. Cut to every match up between the League and Squad, have them fight for a page or two, then some twist happens at the end. A little light on content, but still fun.

Dark Knight III #7

When Miller said he was going to do a Dark Knight IV, or some equivalent story, I thought “of course.” Then Batman got killed last issue, so I thought “well that throws a wrench into everything.” But then Superman just throws him in a lazarus pit and now he’s good as fucking new. BATMAN FOREVER. This issue also makes my question from last issue of “Why would you just let the Kryptonians go?” even more relevant, because they’re still out there doing shit.

Wonder Woman #13

So, after the revelations of 11, Diana is super messed up in the head and barely there. Wonder Woman in a mental institution has some… potential, let’s say. It’s just a weird idea, one that I’m totally down for, but it’s still sort of super weird. One gripe I had about the art is that for as good as Fajardo Jr is on colors, when he’s putting in plants in the background, whatever he does, makes it look like the image was saved in Photoshop with the quality slider at about 2. That, and in the same panel, there was a hard right angle of what looked like an image that wasn’t supposed to be cropped where it was. Just weird visual gripes I’d like to see cleaned up.

Teen Titans #3

So we got the new series artist on board this issue and… I’m not too pleased. It just doesn’t look great. Faces need some work and I swear to god Damian’s head changes shape and size on every page. He looks like a weirdly shaped baby. I don’t like it, unfortunately. Then in the story, I feel like it’s kinda soon for Damian to go “well Ra’s, you got me.” I’m sure there’s a plan, but it wasn’t conveyed that way, so here we have what looks to be Damian immediately giving up at the first sign of adversity. Not a good look.

Titans #6

Meanwhile, in the Titans of not a teen variety, we’re finally done with Abrikadabrah or whatever the hell his name is. I don’t really care to look, he sucked. Looked lame. Super boring. Took half a year to get rid of him. At least this has Rebirth stuff going on and then the last page with Deathstroke, who is far more interesting against the Titans then some dumb looking magician no one cares about! Just saying.

Batman Beyond #6

Speaking of looking dumb, boy does Terry look super dumb in his Joker get up. The good part about him getting found out this issue is the fact I won’t have to look at him in his Joker getup anymore. The twist at the end was weird… What happened to Bruce Wayne in Futures End? Didn’t he get Joker merged into him or something? I don’t know… Remember how Futures End happened? Weird. 

The Flash #13

For whatever reason, I really enjoyed this issue. Normally holiday themed issues are just sort of… not important, focus more on “hey it’s the holidays, woo” than actually doing something for the book, but for whatever reason, with his plans to keep the city safe so Barry and Iris could go on an uninterrupted date, this was the first time New 52 Wally West has really clicked for me. I was just reading this like “you know what, he’s pretty okay.”

Deathstroke #9

Actually just had to go back and remind myself what happened in this issue. Guess it was more or less mostly flashback to a scene pre-Deathstroke Slade Wilson, while he remains locked up and his kids are doing stuff elsewhere. I really didn’t have many thoughts on this issue because of it, just sort of felt like in between arc filler.

Seven to Eternity #4

I see what this book did… times getting tough, people getting mad and blaming minorities when rich people started to speak for the common man… Uh huh. Anyways, this book is cool as shit. It’s definitely one of those ones you might have to remind yourself with the recap of the different races and people, but when you sit down and pay attention, boy the world is rich. Now that the book has hit it’s “this is why the book is called Seven to Eternity” stride, it’s also just really deep and tense… for good reason with the ending too. Remender and Opena have got something here, that’s for sure. 

Deadly Class #25

Wouldn’t be Deadly Class without someone turning on someone else. Typical high school… except this time some kid is backed by the fucking Yakuza to stab another kid leaving them for dead… or might as well be dead at the very least. It’s weird though, 25 issues in, when some serious shit goes down, it isn’t exactly shocking. I’m pretty much ready for any and everyone one to get totally fucked up on a moment’s notice. 

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