Wednesday, January 18, 2017

SPOILERS: Nightwing #13

So are we referring to this guy as False Face? Was that written out somewhere or did I just make that up two weeks ago? Man, I can't keep track anymore.

The Spoilers:

Nightwing and the Runoffs are too late to save the real-estate guy, but find out from him that the Mayor of Bludhaven was the silent partner, and obviously the last target. Nightwing wants to go to save the Mayor but the Runoffs bail, because they know what's going to happen if they're around a dead body someone is looking to frame them for. Across town, the BPD Chief, after finding some suspect stuff about a handful of these murders, is striking a deal with Shawn for some help.

Sure enough, Dick finds the mayor in the process of being attacked, and the attacker wearing a cheap looking Robin mask. Fight fight fight, and the attacker is Mr. Nice with all the stolen tech from the arms deal. BPD shows up, opens fire, Nice takes the marketing girl through a boom-tube like teleportation and Nightwing goes on the run, only to be lead down an alley by Shawn, where Miss Chief of Police is waiting to "enlist" Nightwing. 

The Opinion: 

I guess we shouldn't be too shocked that the guy literally named "Mr. Nice" is the bad guy. Other than that, I honestly don't have much of an opinion. This arc has been fun and entertaining. Nothing revelatory or anything going on, like we're not finding the killer is the cat from Watchmen or something, but it's fun. Sure. Whatever. Bye?

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