Wednesday, January 4, 2017

SPOILERS: Nightwing #12

Whenever Nightwing tries to help someone, it seems he just gets punched in the head by giant whale people. Not an ideal line of work.

The Spoilers: 

Nightwing believes the Run-Offs are being set up, so he gets Mr. Nice to allow him into a meeting where he can investigate their ideas of a conspiracy against them. Turns out some bad officials in Bludhaven tried to contact a few of them about some weapon running deals. Weapons that could take out super heroes. When they were turned down, that's when the shit started to hit the fan, and with people who were organizing the deals started getting killed, the Run Offs were framed.

This leads to Nightwing leading the Run Offs to a guy named Charlyle, Charslyle? Something like that. Don't care. He was involved with the weapons plan, but seems to be more afraid for his life than in the business of framing and taking others. Unfortunately they're attacked by Orca and the gang she had joined.

Eventually the Run Offs can get Orca to stop fighting and she seems a tad bit remorseful, but reveals her and her gang were a distraction. During the chaos, Charlyle managed to escape but was quickly found by the False Face... or member of the False Face society? Regardless, they're probably pretty bad and at fault for whatever is happening in Bludhaven.

The Opinion: 

This has just been a really fun arc so far. Serves as a pretty good bedrock for Dick starting his career in Bludhaven for the first time within this continuity. There was one moment in this issue that really stood out, and that was during the fight with Orca where Thrilldevil helps Nightwing out, Dick says something in his usual light hearted way, then Thrilldevil basically says "Yeah, no, not going to banter with you." That was just fucking funny, considering the way Seeley has written Dick since Grayson as making up theme songs for what he's doing at the moment or just making sharp witted remarks. Him getting shot down at that moment just made the issue for me. Marcus To's art is also just hitting all those Red Robin marks for me as well, so I've really enjoyed his contributions to this arc too.

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