Thursday, January 12, 2017

SPOILERS: Gotham Academy: Second Semester #5

And we're back after a month off. Books?!

The Spoilers:

So, long and short of it is, Colton is getting expelled for swiping a map of Gotham Academy from Bookworm's office, but it seems Bookworm swiped it from the Headmaster. Pom gets her attorney mother to defend Colton in a school hearing, but when they pull out the map, it seems to be missing.

Turns out Pom swiped it, because she believes the map and the symbols leads to these Old Books of Gotham that she claims to be her birth right. All the kids go looking for her, while Colton bails, and Eric, who has gone a bit crazy, has dressed himself in all those crazy symbols and is stalking Pom.

The Opinion:

Though this issue was a bit more of a return to form, but not quite at the point where the last series sort of left off. Where the first arc just seemed like a Scooby Doo mystery, this goes back into the Gotham stuff, but its just relying on the "this is the really obscure Gotham things we pulled from the 60s" stuff rather than modern. I don't know. It's fun, but so far this volume isn't keeping me as invested or generally interested as the first since it's not really going as heavy into the GOTHAM of Gotham Academy like before. I don't know. 

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