Wednesday, January 11, 2017

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #948

Batwoman doesn't necessarily begin as much as she already just sort of is?

The Spoilers:

So I mean... There are two big points of interest that will set up things for Batwoman. First of all, ARGUS isn't move the monster corpse out of Gotham because its blood could be weaponized. Bruce and Kate learn this from Dr. Victoria October (who is a trans woman, as I discovered after the internet explained some terminology to me, so if you're actively seeking that stuff out, there you go), real good bio scientist #1. Probably going to be a supporting character in the book. 

Who would steal some blood from the monster? Well, some dude from The Colony. Goes by Colony Prime, oh look, he's operating on his own to break Jacob Kane out, but here comes Batwoman and Batman to stop him.

The Opinion:

Fucking A, I really like Ben Oliver's art. If Velvet was any indication, I'm not expecting Steve Epting to do a whole bunch of issues in a row, but if DC wants to get Ben Oliver to rotate with him, that's real fine by me. Anyways, this is basically a part one of a two part zero issue for Batwoman... which is odd considering there's a Rebirth issue which is essentially a zero issue. Introduced some new people and new plot lines, ticked all those boxes.

My only complaint, minor as it may be, is that there was no real reason to call this "Batwoman Begins."  I'm talking more about the flash back earlier in the issue which really served no purpose. It was just Batwoman going "huh, Batman is real good." and her father telling her that their mission needs to be different. That's about it. Nothing new to add... And they don't really need to add anything. Greg Rucka and JH Williams pretty much nailed that. So yeah, just weird to call it that.

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  1. Agreed about the art, loved it. This issue was great. Detective comics has been hit and miss with the art but this batwoman stuff has been great. I feel like it's been a bit overkill with all Batmans sidekicks lately but I love the dynamic between Batman and batwoman.