Wednesday, January 18, 2017

SPOILERS: Batman #15

So the reason why a bunch of people got mad is cleaned up... which just left another reason for a some other people to get mad and I give up.

The Spoilers:

So in post-bone chat, Bruce and Selina discuss when the first met, disagreeing on the whens and hows. Regardless, Selina drops a name, Holly Robinson, as in an actual person who was there, not the name she was using to rent out an apartment. So when Selina naturally runs, Bruce has one lead to go off of: find Holly Robinson.

After some dry hilarity between Gordon and himself, Bruce finds himself in the apartment of a half asleep Holly Robinson, asking for any information on where Selina might have gone. He instead gets a knife to the throat and is later saved by Selina before falling into an alley, while Holly flees the country. 

When he's in bed, Selina gives Bruce the truth. She and Holly grew up together in the same orphanage. She trained Holly and tried to use a lot of the same ideas that let her cope with her anger on Holly... but then the terrorist attacks happened and of course it was Holly who actually killed those people and Selina, wanting to protect her "protege" of sorts, took the fall for her. She leaves Bruce, telling Alfred to give him a message and how to find her. When Bruce later wakes up, he gets all melodramatic and saddish. She stole the night!!!

The Opinion:

Well there you go, the latest entry in the "comic fans get too worked up immediately over no good reason because they were impatient and didn't allow the story to be told" list. FIRE RICK REMENDER! Right guys?!

Of course now there are (less) people pissed that Holly's character has been butchered, and quite frankly, I don't give a fuck. No one is happy ever. Burn it all down. Comics are done.


Loved this issue, just like I loved the first. Both form a really great story, one you rarely get in Batman: Flat out romance stories. It's kind of weird in a change of pace, but in a great way. That said, wasn't a fan of the last page. Don't really know why. Story just sort of ends on "She stole it... she stole the night!" or however it's said. Like... okay? I don't know.

I will also note, I still really fucking love the bone-dry, self-deprecating humor this book has. The Gordon scene where he's just talking to himself about how he's going to die, was fantastic. 


  1. I like having short, one or two issue stories. It's plenty. Not everything has to be the next big epic. I loved Snyder's run, but not everything has to be a big ground breaker (though in Snyder's defense, DC overhyped and over-interviewed him). These past couple of issues were a welcomed breather after that last big story and before the next one.

    Writing something that isn't just for the trade hasn't died completely, and I'm glad. Just look at this week's Green Lanterns for more like that.

  2. This is great Issue, I wouldn't mind a Catwoman ongoing by king and Gerards and I can't wait to read all those comments about how king ruined Holly, those should be fun.

  3. Best Batman/ Catwoman story I've ever read. And I've read most of them.

    So good on every level. Also really loved that Batman remembers the pre-Crisis version of their first meeting while Catwoman remembers the post-Crisis version.