Wednesday, January 4, 2017

SPOILERS: Batman #14

Honestly, I'd probably just be able to say "and then they fucked" and call it a day. But fiiiiiiiiiine, I guess I'll type stuff.

The Spoilers:

Amanda Waller kept her word and Catwoman's sentence has been reduced to life without parole, and Batman is ready to take her in. But instead, Catwoman convinces him to spend the night together doing what they like.

So, we go through the bottom of Batman's rogue gallery barrel, including one that I'm pretty sure was just a generic werewolf, and the duo dispatch them immediately. After that, Catwoman does what she likes to do and has Batman accompany her on a heist... from herself. She cuts open a stuffed Cat that is filled with diamonds, and tells Batman to open orphanages with her rainy day fund.

With the night seemingly coming to an end, Batman reiterates that he doesn't believe she killed all those people and tells her he'll prove it. Catwoman simply says he won't. Some feelings get thrown around and Selina finally suggests they both do what they want to do.

And then they fuck.

The Opinion:

So first and foremost, this issue just looks beautiful and flows just as well. If you're familiar with Tom King and Mitch Gerads' Sheriff of Babylon, you'll get a lot of the same vibes in terms of layout and feel. The book is clearly meticulously crafted from words to art, and even for a short two issue arc, this first issue stands out immediately. This is pretty much what I want out of Rebirth, these relationships between characters re-established and pushed forward. I want Batman and Catwoman to know who each other is, I want them to be deeply involved with the other's life, and I want them banging on rooftops. I don't ship characters at all... But I totally ship Batman and Catwoman, so I'm a pretty happy camper at the moment.

also Dick and Helena, screw you Barbara, woo!


  1. I been reading your spoilers for a little while now, your humor is funny as fu*k, always giving me a laugh, thanks you for that,this is the first time i have commented on any bat comics but just had to after Batman 15, tom king well done on a pretty pretty good run so far, and solid art work from Finch, Janin, Gerades, i get this feeling like the run is really hitting its stride, hope finch draws a normally portioned looking bane haha,keep up the good work Gotham Spoilers, thanks alot

    your mate BAT-freak987 from Aus!

  2. I want a similar scene with Dick and Babs