Wednesday, January 11, 2017

SPOILERS: All-Star Batman #6

So Mr. Freeze wants to set the world into a new ice age, and Batman wants to fuck his shit up. Guess who gets what they want?

The Spoilers:

Mr. Freeze is in Alaska witch a bunch of people who Walt Disney'd themselves in cryofreeze as his henchmen, ready to melt some pre-historic ice which houses some deadly bacteria, that wipe the world out and create a winter wonderland for himself and Nora, which they'll awake to years later.

And Batman is just there to mess shit up, there to warn victor about a military strike on his installation, one that Freeze was apparently planning on happening so the ice would melt. But, Bruce always has a plan and in some David Attenborough type revelations, we learn that Bats are known for carrying disease because their body temps reach high points, and guess what, Bruce carried in a disease on his skin that would kill victors. So as the place gets firebombed, he locks himself in Victor's safety pod, gleefully watching as Victor's dream is destroyed.

Then in the backup there's some stuff with Duke, being too impatient with Riddler's plan, and Darryl from Superheavy.

The Opinion:

So this issue is fucking creepy. Jock's art was the perfect choice for this issue. Freeze is often cloaked in shadow with only his red goggles shining through, his henchmen look like the living dead (because they kind of are) and then when the whole "Batman's got some bacteria" plan is revealed, holy shit Batman himself looks like a deranged psychopath. I also really love who the story was told. It was almost as if the art was matched with very light prose. Certainly unique considering how different it was from the previous arc.

The back up still has me lost. Six issues in and ultimately just feel like it's too ambitious of a story to tell in 8 page increments. I still never fully understood the wheel thing, so I'm coming into yet another back up not getting what the whole point is other than "Duke is doing stuff for reasons." Then this one goes from the Riddler story, to a flash back, where some confusing shit that isn't explained happens with Darryl and then it jumps back to the cliff hanger ending with Riddler. There just doesn't seem to be enough pages and the breaks land awkwardly. I'm just frustrated by these stories. It's gotten to the point where the main story and the back ups feel so disconnected, I feel like I'll just wait until it's done to read it all and hopefully make sense of it. That said, Francesco Francavilla's art is (always) on point, so that's the big positive to take away.

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  1. I was glad to see Snyder backpedal away from the "Nora isn't his wife" New 52 version of Freeze. That annual was needlessly creepy and lost sight of the core tragedy in Mr. Freeze's life. Chalk another one up on the Rebirth scoreboard!