Sunday, December 4, 2016

Stack Rundown, 12/4/2016

Here we are. December. 2016. Almost over. Fuck this year. But at least comics are generally good? This time last year I was thinking "Batman is good... So is Grayson... there's a few other things, buuuuuuut." Now I'm just reading a whole lot of shit, most of which is good! Hooray.

Batman Annual #1

Clearly didn’t do a post about this, as there wasn’t enough to really warrant one. There’s the Tom King story about Ace, which I can get behind as an owner of a dog whose breed carries a stigma… but I seriously never want to see Finch draw anyone out of costume ever. Then I’d say the only other story that really held any weight was Steve Orlando’s, as he introduced a villain promised to have more coming next year. All in all, would have rather had a single story to this. 

Suicide Squad #7

Better issue than last, which was just a chaotic mess. Still… so fucking short and feels handicapped. If anything, at least it’s fun. But I’m so fucking ready to Lee to leave, especially now that his art is getting pushed to the deadline and it’s not just Scott Williams inking him. It’s just inconsistent from page to page now. 

Superman Annual #1

This is what I’d rather have the Batman Annual to be when I said I’d prefer a single story. Larger than normal story, same writing team, one artist, probably going to matter somewhere down the line. Here we get Swamp Thing basically telling pre-New 52 Superman that he’s giving off bad vibrations. Given everything that’s going on and some Dr. Manhattan looking shit in here, you figure this might become important at some point.

Deadly Class #24

Boy, this sure was a dense issue. Just lots of words… lots of them. But not in a “these are pointless” sort of way. Lots of insight into the new characters, same with the old ones. I’m enjoying this new arc a lot so far because it’s remained at the school for the most part. The first “year” of this book saw a good majority of the story take place outside of the school and it was kind of easy to forget the setting, but this time around, we’re getting school room politics, the student council scheming, and all sorts of that good stuff. Really enjoying it so far.

Saga #40

It is getting to the point in this arc where I know we’re coming up around six issues, meaning another break is right around the corner, so some shit has got to go down. Prince Robot getting super high and confessing his weirdly misplaced feelings for Alana is a pretty good start… but then there’s all the shit with the Freelancers who just found Marko… so that’s probably bad. Just stab me in the heart and get it over with already!

Romulus #2

I enjoyed the first issue of this series enough, but to be quite honest, I kinda forgot about it within the month, and thought I had missed the second issue (I have a rule, if I forget to pick up an issue, that usually means it didn’t leave enough of an impression on me, and I should probably not spend my money on it). But here I was, not missing the second issue, so I picked it up… Yeah, this just sort of hit all the expected secret society check list notes that it needed to and just didn’t do much for me regardless. So… yeah. Probably not going to continue on.

Seven to Eternity #3

Giant missed opportunity to have a super late title card at the end of this issue. For these three issues it was just like “Why is this called Seven to Eternity? Eh, who cares, it looks cool.” Then it’s just: Oh, well here we have Seven people, transporting this evil god king or whatever, across the world in order to save it. There you go. How bad ass would just ending on a big page with “SEVEN TO ETERNITY” on it. Late title cards are cool… that’s pretty much what I’m getting at.

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