Saturday, December 24, 2016

Stack Rundown, 12/24/2016

T'was the night before Christmas, and I really didn't want to do this tomorrow nor was anyone even going to bother reading it, so fuck it, let's do this now.

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #1

You know how I think the current Justice League book is real bad and generic? Well, this is how I would have started it off. Imagine if this was the Rebirth issue. Boom. Two of DC's biggest name teams, face to face, and along for the ride, all this fan favorite shit lost to New 52 continuity... Not "we got the aliens from Mass Effect attacking, that's cool right?!" But yeah, this was fantastic. Great art, lots of action, lots of continuity to drool over. I'm on board for everything that's got this crossover's label on it.

Harley Quinn #10

It was weird having this right after the DC Holiday special which had some great Holiday Harley that I loved. This... couldn't really care less. Moritat's art was fantastic, but here we've got Harley going into Santa's brain or imagination... or something, and it's just the same humor that's been going on for however many years now, only this time Santa is here. That, and dialogue that could seriously use a trim here and there. There's just a lot of it... a good deal of which doesn't go anywhere, but that's pretty standard too at this point.

Trinity #4

The way that this book has presented itself as individual issues that can standalone, along with each having a different artist has been pretty cool. This time we got Wonder Woman, and her reacting to her desire to go home, which now hasn't actually happened, ever. Then there's the Poison Ivy story going on in real time, but that's been so slow. A lot of Rebirth books that don't ship bi-monthly just seem like they're going really slowly to me. So add that fact to the Ivy story only getting 2 pages to expand on a single scene that has taken place over three issues now, yeah... it feels SUPER slow. No idea what the next solicit says, but I'd like the next issue to at least feature that story more prominently just to move it along.

Superman #13

Happy holidays from Frankenstein. Still have feelings for your ex-wife, though adversarial at time? Give it one more shot... oh no wait, she dropped the ring on the ground and left. Sucks, bro. This book has been doing a lot of "thematic" if you will, stuff lately, that or setting up Super Sons. Ready for it to go back to actual plot mode. Probably just biding time for whatever they've got lined up in March. 

Green Arrow #13

So everyone thinks Green Arrow has gone all kill crazy, and then by the end of the issue they think it EVEN MORE. I've got no problem with this story, because like I've said before, this has been one of the most pleasant Rebirth surprises, but it's just the same thing of "man, I feel like this story has been told way too many times." Is Green Arrow the most framable superhero? I feel like he is. Anyways, Otto Schmidt's art is fantastic, that doesn't get said enough.

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