Sunday, December 18, 2016

Stack Rundown, 12/18/2016

Time to get into that Christmas spirit. Can't say I'll be doing one of these next week since it will literally be Christmas and I don't want to be spending time on this site, so maaaaaaaybe Monday?

Wonder Woman #12

The ending of this issue with Ares showing up got me thinking how this all fits in with the previous continuity… Also, I read this shortly after waking up one day so it took me a few seconds to remember that they basically threw all that stuff out two weeks ago. With the previous issue’s reveal, and now the Ares reveal, everything has started to come together, at least a little bit. Definitely has piqued my curiosity. 

Suicide Squad #8

…so, I believe this is Jim Lee’s last issue? We’re moving into crossover territory now. God I hope so, I’m ready for this to be a full book. The Black Vault story came to an end… Captain Boomerang came back, everyone is (relatively) safe…. nothing much came from it. Just feels like classic “There’s a crossover around the corner” holding material.

Deathstroke #8

I’ve got to be honest, while I love this book, there’s a lot of stuff that just isn’t as clear to me as it could be. All the stuff on the fringes like this Richard guy and the apparent reveals of who he is and he was actually working with Deathstroke who put the hit out on Rose, I think? I don’t know man. You got the core shit that’s going on, then this spider web of stuff outside of it that seems to get really hard to follow at times. Hell, it took me a few pages to realize Deathstroke’s costume was talking to him, prior to that it was “WHO IS TALKING?!” But Deathstroke fighting Superman, that was fun.

The Flash #12

I didn’t really get much out of these last two issues. Short arc, didn’t seem to do anything but go “Hey Wally, I’m not telling you my name, but trust me” and that’s it. I will say though I did enjoy the little Rebirth-ish thing at the end where Shade tells Barry to make sure his wife (Iris) gets some rest.

DC Rebirth Holiday Special #1

I’m not going to be going over all the individual stories in this, some were fun, some I didn’t care for, it was a mixed bag… But what I absolutely loved was the Paul Dini written and Elsa Charretier illustrated Halrey Quinn story that connected all the individual stories. As someone who has grown real tired of and thinks the current Harley Quinn book is real stale, it was fantastic to see Harley presented in a different light, around the DC Universe. It gave me serious animated series vibes. I know Paul Dini isn’t going to be doing any regular comic writing anytime soon, but in a fantasy land where Harley Quinn gets a new creative team, I really would like to see Elsa Charretier be part of it.

Gotham Academy Second Semester #4

Was originally going to cover this issue as normal, but it turned out to be a little side story set before the current volume. It was about Headmaster Hammer and how he’s got some weird shit going on in his past, also quite literally as old as dirt. Art was real nice, but due to the nature of the book and the dwindling free time I’ve got, kinda tuned out of this one. 

Moonshine #3

This book is a roller coast of going “We’re cool.” “Nope, not cool anymore.” “Wait, nah, we good.” “Never mind, motherfucker!” And with the ending I’m lead to believe that drinking a whole bunch of that Moonshine leads to people becoming what seems to be a werewolf looking creature. Now I’m just imagining the ultimate goal of the New York bootleggers being fulfilled and having a whole bunch of people in NYC get drunk off the moonshine… and then you know. That would be fun.

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  1. I have the exact same issues with deathstroke. I love the book but it does make me feel stupid. I find that I have to read it twice to fully understand it. Even at that I'm still a bit confused about the ikon suit and who the hell wintergreen actually is