Sunday, December 11, 2016

Stack Rundown, 12/11/2016

I forgot to read comics this week. Busy work stuff. Moving offices. Yo, you need someone to make audio and video cables? I got you. Also, I was pretty much just sleeping.

Superman #12

Can’t say getting Doug Mahnke to draw some more Frankesntesin is a bad idea… in fact, I’d say it’s the opposite of a bad idea, quite good actually! Imagine that. So you got Frankenstein in whatever not-Smallville town Superman is at now, and there’s some demons or some shit. I don’t know, lots of punching. If there’s one thing I’ve got to criticize against this book, it is that there doesn’t seem to be a sense of cohesion between arcs. Was Frankenstein ever hinted at being a factor? Not really… just was. There’s something to be said for a book just doing what it wants to do, sure, but at the same time, there’s also seems to be a lack of focus at times. 

Green Arrow #12

I like that this book is still dealing with shit that stemmed out of the first issue. It really gives off a sense that this was planned from the beginning, whether it really was or not. I also like how this issue dealt with the tropes of superheroes that go swept under the rug, you know… like property damage. That said, how many times have we gotten the “frame Green Arrow by shooting someone with a green arrow” story across various mediums? I feel like it happened in the show at least two or three times. God knows how many comics it has been in. 

Midnighter and Apollo #3

This book basically just being “Midnighter goes to hell” isn’t exactly what I expected, but I damn sure welcome it. I mean, Midnighter punching through regular people’s heads is fun and all, but what if it was demons instead? Even better, because now we are guilt free! No one minds demons getting murdered! Speaking of murder, the subject of that comes up a lot with the Devil basically telling Apollo “yo, you guys murder a lot, just saying” and then some justification tries to get made, but… they still murder a lot.

Harley Quinn #9

Where I think the Superman series has cohesion issues between arcs, this issue was just all over the place. Sure, we got more melancholy Harley which I liked more than the (at this point) dry slapstick this series is known for, but man, this issue is just “and then she went here, and then she did this, and then this happened.” Structure was not it’s strong suit… Then it did the whole “fuck all continuity” thing again and brought back the Joker, which shouldn’t be surprising. I’m just really, really ready for a different spin on this book, but I guess it’s still selling, so god knows if that’ll ever actually happen.

Motor Crush #1

For awhile now, I’ve been talking about how I want a comic that’s basically Hotline Miami in that it’s violent and there’s a ton of neon pink. While Hotline Miami this book is not, add a bit of Speed Racer in there, and that’s pretty much Motor Crush. It’s a strange mixup of neon, anime, and dark undertones. On the surface you got “It’s Team Batgirl doing their own thing, motor cycles, violence, etc!” then you read it and go “huh, so this is a book about a fucking drug addict.” Was not expecting that, at all. Definitely subverted my expectations there. While the book was really fun and looked great, there are that undertones there that really gave it depth. Great start, that’s for sure.

Glitterbomb #4

So I guess this book is done for a good period as the artist goes on to do other things? Quite honestly, don’t know if I’d pick it up when it potentially comes back. You got the Hollywood story about abuse, which was as uncomfortable as it very well should be, but then you got whatever the fuck is going on with the demon thing… It’s just… never really addressed as being a weird thing. You got the cop at the end, faced with a massacre and he’s just like “Well you know… stop that.” Like DUDE, sharp pointed tentacle monsters and everything is happening. React a little. This is a book that has something to say, but the hook just seems hollow.

Black Science #26

Talk about a deep cut that’s not Pia’s haircut. Remember when that one team member go possessed by even dimensional ghost alien things or something… well she’s back 20 some odd issues later, and seems pretty evil. Meanwhile, Mr. Block just reenacts that South Park episode where the boys do blow with the Alien TV Executives… except this time someone’s head explodes! That sure is fun. We’re in the midst of this book being completely different and evolving from itself again, and I sure do still love it.

Nailbiter #27

This book sure knows how to do the Christmas spirit well… People going crazy. People getting shot. People getting tortured. People getting stabbed. Merry fucking Christmas, right? A bunch of grim shit happened and it is still fascinating. 

Revival #45

I’m still kind of unclear what the grand plan to escape death was for Lester and I guess the people he was working with… or maybe I just read too many comics and totally forgot what was in the last issue or two. Probably that. But it feels weird having this all finally start come to a big payoff. There have been so many dangling plot lines for years and now it’s all getting put to bed. First Chew, now this, then Invincible. Tell me Saga ends next year and I’m going to cut someone. 

The Wicked + The Divine #24

So what do you do when you’re pretty emotionally fucked up and just murdered a god? Hedonism! WOOOOOO! But still sad inside, probably. With the antagonist gone, this book has a new start of sorts to see how all these kids operate with out restrictions all while knowing they’re going to be killed. Who wants to bet it’s going to go poorly!? Because you know who is the worst? Teenagers! Now give them godly powers and see what happens!


  1. Re: Revival, I don't think you're totally wrong that the details of Lester's plot to become immortal haven't been made completely clear. I think Revival would really benefit from being read in trade in fairly short order because, as you say, there are a lot of plot threads that get left dangling then resolved like 20-30 issues later, making it hard to remember all this stuff when reading over the course of 3-4 years.

    1. Yeah it's definitely always been a "this would probably read better in trade book to me." I've been collecting the HCs and probably will go back to do that. There was just so much going on early in there, I almost dropped it opting for trade waiting, but wanted to support the creators.