Thursday, December 15, 2016

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #5

Spoilers: Black Mask takes off his mask and there's more Black Mask.

The Spoilers:

Quuuuuuick and dirty of it is that Jason has a hard time fending of Bizarro, who seems to be at least trying to hold back from Black Mask's mind control. Artemis shows up because she's a decent person and her hitting Bizarro hurts Black Mask. Jason comes up with a plan to break the connection between mask and Bizarro by increasing the distance between them, so he lures Mask back to his base while he retrieves the antidote to the techno-organic virus, but Black Mask shoots him in the armor and pulls off his bondage mask to show his old looking Black Mask face... for some reason.

The Opinion: 

Fun issue. The series has been consistent so far, I'll give it that. Jason is being written a lot more inline with what'd you'd expect a non-tumblr pandering post hating Batman Jason to be written like. His interactions with Artemis can be funny, I enjoy the "Red Him" and "Red Her" names Bizarro has for both Jason and Artemis. Thought the final page was just lame, because it's one of those endings we've all seen a hundred times where it's just the bad guy making a pose as if he's about to kill the main character... Yeah, he's not. 

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