Wednesday, December 7, 2016

SPOILERS: Nightwing #10

Dick goes back (ish) to Bl├╝dhaven, and that's the only time you'll ever see me put the umlaut on that word, because it's  a fucking pain in the ass otherwise.

The Spoilers:

Dick is ready for a new place that isn't a shade of moral gray so he can find himself. Bludhaven it is, because everything is black and white there, with a shade of neon thrown in. Oh also, no heroes too. The city is trying to rebrand itself as a family friendly place, with big tourism pushes... But it's basically Atlantic City, and while there's some good parts about it, there's some seedy natured stuff as well.

Dick gets a "job" volunteering at a youth center under the guidance of a young woman named Shawn Tsang... who seems to have a secret in terms of costumed villains. So far so good. But he eventually gets restless and follows some sirens to a murder scene where he finds Gorilla Grim and turns him over to authorities. As he's being taken away, he hells to Nightwing that he didn't do anything and has been trying to stay on the straight and narrow, finally telling him to ask Tsang. As Dick goes to do just that, one of the PR people in charge of Bludhaven's push for family friendly whatever sees a report about Nightwing on the news and decides that he's going to be the city's new selling point.

When Dick goes to speak to Tsang as Nightwing, he soon finds her facing her old self, which is a (new) villain who Dick seems to have a past with, known as Defacer. 

Moral shades of graaaaaay!

The Opinion:

I wasn't reading single issue comics when Dick was big into Bludhaven back in the day, so it's definitely cool to see him go back to his roots, so to speak. I like the look of it, sort of future looking east coast casino town. It's basically neon Atlantic City, already sort of said that. Story started off nicely with the "of course there's going to be shades of gray everywhere, you silly super hero." Marcus To jumped on board with art, and he really hasn't missed a beat since Red Robin, so that's good to see. I wasn't a fan of Sotomayor's color work on this issue. Maybe it's really similar to his work with Fernandez and there's just a lack of lots more darker black lines, but something just seemed off. There's a lot of ghostly white skin tones on top of ghostly white backgrounds, some pages just sort of look hollow. Maybe it's trying to emulate shitty fluorescent light or something... but yeah, was just not a fan of how the colors were portrayed in half this issue.

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  1. I work for a German company so I quickly learned that the umlaut keyboard shortcut is Alt+0252