Wednesday, December 28, 2016

SPOILERS: Mother Panic #2

Well, shit certainly gets pretty dark in this second issue. Mature readers indeed!

The Spoilers:

So why does Violet want to kill this Hemsley guy? Well back in her youth, she overheard what she thought to be Hemsley talking to her father about him having sex with her. YEP. So Hemsley, sexual predator.

So Violet misses her mark the first night and spends her time reluctantly fucking around in Gotham, figuratively and literally. Next morning she gets in costume and goes on the hunt again, noticed by Batwoman.

Elsewhere, the guy who was with Hemsley that Violet abducted and interrogating gets out of his room and starts exploring the maze like home, eventually finding Mrs. Paige who is in a weird half lucid half just mentally not there state, sort of reminiscent of Wonderland. Weird stuff.

She finds Hemsley, gets him in a bad way, but can't kill him, seemingly blaming her technology. Flash back to her confronting her dad about what she heard, at gunpoint. Her dad tries to tell her that it wasn't about her, but her mother instead. All that doesn't matter as Violet pulled the trigger at point blank range on her father. 

The Opinion:

I got mixed feelings on this issue, on one hand, I enjoy the fuck it all attitude, but it walks the line where it almost becomes all sizzle and no steak. A good chunk of this issue is just Violet passing the time. She can't find her target, so she goes to some party, finds some dude, fucks him, leaves blood all over his apartment as she flips him the bird when he leaves. It does little other than trying to establish how much Violet just doesn't give a fuck. I get it's a new character that you've got to establish, and so far they've DEFINITELY established her as a different sort of vigilante in Gotham, but I think there are probably more effective ways of doing so that don't take up 7 or 8 pages content that doesn't really go anywhere in a 20 page book. I also hope the Gotham stuff ends up being more than just "x Bat character goes "huh" when they see her out the corner of their eye." 

Overall, cool book so far, just think it could tighten it up a bit.

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