Wednesday, December 28, 2016

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #947

Well, Stephanie takes her name literally and it's... it's eeeeeeeeeeeh.

The Spoilers:

Let's just cut to the chase, Stephanie is no longer on the team. As you can read in the preview, she comes in and takes everyone but Batman out with how much the team relies on tech Tim made with her help. Basically, Steph totally agrees with the Victim Syndicate, but not their methods. She wants Batman to give himself up and is threatening to do it for him. Her idea is that with no Batman things can go back to the way they're supposed to be and make sense. Her ideas range from Kate being in charge of the police academy to Cass having a real family and learning how to speak instead of throwing batarangs.

She gets shut down pretty quickly with everyone pointing out that the world isn't bubblegum and sunshine, specifically Luke who tells a story about how a kid who looked like him got shot for "looking suspicious" and the Bat symbol meant something to him in order to try and fight back against a world whose justice system makes no sense at times. When Steph is distracted, Kate knocks her phone out of her hand, and without her info to leak, she promises Batman she'll be there to spoil his shit, leaving in tears.

Cut to some time later, Clayface is trying to make amends with the member of the Victim Syndicate he hurt, while Batman and Batwoman confirm that the First Victim is basically a Joker situation. No fingerprints, no record, no nothing. Batman also tells Batwoman that he found out Steph was bluffing and trying to get him to turn himself in on his own accord. Also points out that she fucked with the Bat signal and the call that they missed turned out fine and police handled it.  Basically Batman tells Batwoman to leave Steph alone and let her play, he kind of just doesn't give a fuck because he wants to let her grieve and has a feeling they'll all be fighting on the same side again soon.

CUT TO: Tim trying to break out of Mr. Oz's cell, which he does, but he can't get a radio connection and sees some shit that he can't comprehend, all while Oz watches.

The Opinion:

So, let's get this out of the way, still a great book and loved the art, that's not changed here... but boy I'm not a fan of Steph's place in this book going forward.

It goes back to what I had to say last issue: It's cool to bring these ideas of accountability up, it's the kind of shit you always talk about with a friend along the lines of "Why in reality would anyone live in Gotham!?" So sure, bringing up the "you cause more problems" argument is valid, but it's also countered pretty easily with real world reasoning, yet when all is said and done, it leaves Steph in a place where I'd rather just have her screw off entirely than operate as some moral quasi-antagonistic identity. Like, I don't want her showing up here and there being like "I'M SAD ABOUT TIM! THIS IS YOUR FAULT, I FUCKED WITH YOUR SHIT!" I'd rather her just go back on the shelf entirely, because if that happens enough times, as someone who personally can stay relatively detached, I'm just going to start thinking "oh fuck off already." AND THEN, on top of it, Batman just sort of doesn't give a shit! So we have Stephanie just promising to be a troll basically and Batman just goes "let the children play, whatever."

So yeah, it's a weird situation. I'm torn. Valid thoughts are brought up, but at the end of the day, the results just aren't fun. I mean, does anyone want Steph to make good on her word and show up periodically just to troll Batman in an attempt to stop his entire fucking crusade? I want absolutely zero of that. Steph remaining off page from now until whenever the big Tim story happens seems much more preferable to me than that. And I feel sort of shitty about that since it's just reducing Steph as being dependent on Tim to be relevant... but again, the alternative seems for her to try and troll Batman, and again, don't want that.


  1. I can kind of understand what you're saying about Steph, but I also like the messiness of the situation. And given her situation, I think her current status is a good way for her to be off the team but also not out of the book.

    I really liked this issue. It was a satisfying, bittersweet ending and left a lot of potential storylines open, which is good.

  2. Btw it was Luke not Duke. I knew what you meant but i dont want some random site goer to think that duke is batwing now lol

  3. Honestly, I THOUGHT this was gonna piss me off, but...I think I actually see where Tynion is going with this. And it's not even like Steph is a villain or anti-hero, she's just not on Team Batman right now.

  4. Messing with the Bat-signal is just weird. Next issue she can put whoopie cushions in all the seats in the Belfry and change all the preset radio stations in the Batmobile.

    I dunno... I enjoyed the story but it seems like it's skirting the edge of lampshading something you really can't lampshade and still enjoy superhero comics. Of course Steph is right in any kind of real-world setting, but she's not in a real world setting.

  5. I have mixed feelings on this issue...(Quick sidenote, and feel free to delete this. In the new Word Balloon King mentions Jason Fabok is drawing an issue of Batman, and talks about an arc he was originally going to do Mitch Gerads that was folded into the main book.)