Wednesday, December 14, 2016

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #946

Because if Birds of Prey wasn't enough to make me go "I don't know how I feel about this" lets see how I feel about a potential heel turn in this book, shall we?

The Spoilers:

Well, after a flashback of Tim saying he'll always be by Batman's side, because HA HA, he's not, get it? We jump back to the Victim Syndicate attacking Leslie's Clinic, while Spoiler is left behind talking to an adaptive AI thing of Tim, about whatever is going on, not being how the world is supposed to work.

Each member of the... Detective... Team... whatever they should be called, takes on members of the Syndicate. Batman "fights" The First Victim by just trying to get him/her whichever it is, to tell him who they are and what he did that caused them pain. Meanwhile, Clayface gives a trapped version of his armband to Mudface (kind of fucked up), Batwoman and Batwing take out Lady Crowe and Mr. Noctis, while Cass saves Harper from the other guy. 

When everyone is taken care of outside of the First Victim, who falls shortly after, Batman is about ready to wrap it up, but Spoiler comes in with some high powered sonic and goes "this isn't how it's supposed to be" and here we gooooooo.

The Opinion:

So I got some thoughts on this issue. It remained in the same quality as all the other episodes, and looked fucking fantastic, but I've got some problems.

There's a lot of talk about accountability in this arc, which on one hand is cool to see addressed in a Superhero book, as it often isn't, but on the other hand... it's not very fun. So I play a lot of video games, and I can't remember which game it was, but for the sequel, a developer got out there and said "we removed fall damage, because we asked ourselves is it fun, and it isn't, so we took it out." Now, that's some solid escapist logic. Because of course if you fell 50 feet, you'd take some damage... like death. But put that into a video game and it's just not fun, it's annoying, and just why. So wrapping that back to this issue/arc, while bringing up the collateral damage Batman has done by doing good, yeah it's an interesting view point we don't get to see often, but at the same time... it's just sort of a fucking bummer. It almost feels just like a buzzkill lecture to me.... Meanwhile you got tall pale and ugly over there going "Batman hurt me, I'm going to send a message by trying to stop this teenage girl and this old injured woman, that'll show him!" so that throws a major wrench into the moral ambiguity of the Victim Syndicate and them caring about Stephanie or anyone. Yeah, that dude was trying to murder people. With a knife. That's no shade of moral grey, that's just attempted murder.

Speaking of Stephanie, I don't know what to expect. Maybe she stays true to her name and spoils shit by exposing Batman or giving The Victim Syndicate whatever it is that they wanted without Batman's consent or something. Who knows? All I know is it gives me uneasy feelings. We have this beloved character back in a major role, and because the book has a fluid team, if anything it seems pretty clear she's going back on the shelf next issue. I'm also getting those bad vibes of Spoiler coming in and spoiling all the fun by thinking she's doing good but just fucking things up. Remember when Spoiler did that a lot and people kind of hated her? Then War Games happened and that was bad. I'm not saying that's what I think is going to happen, I just am getting flashbacks of me just not liking Stephanie because of her just showing up and messing shit up. We'll see, I guess. 


  1. There'd better be a MASSIVE swerve next issue after that ending, or I swear...

  2. "Beloved character"

    Please. She was only beloved because she was killed off in a meanspirited way and people rallied behind her as a character because of the "Women in Refrigerator" thing. Stephanie Brown has always been a tumor on better characters like Tim Drake and Cassandra Cain. At best, AT BEST she's "okay".

    Anyway, this is a great book and I doubt her heel turn is for real.

  3. Yeah, Stephanie turning bad worries me. But considering that Tynion is a caring writer and took a good risk by "killing" Tim for the good of the overall Rebirth storyline, I think he has a good plan for her in the works.

    Also, I just don't get why the VS would attack Leslie's clinic. Attacking Wayne Enterprises and the police gala make sense symbiotically and literally, but why attack other victims of Batman? All that would make them do is become hypocrites of their own philosophy.