Wednesday, December 21, 2016

SPOILERS: Batman #13

Spoilers: Batman gets what he wants for Christmas in the form of spinal injuries.

The Spoilers: 

Surprise, it was all part of a plan.

Bane has rehabbed with the help of Psycho Pirate, and offers Batman anything he wishes, asking to hear what it was... But Batman is pretty set on breaking Bane's damn back, so Bane decides to be the monster Batman wants him to be and kicks the shit out of him.

Meanwhile, Ventriloquist is just hanging out, Bronze Tiger is paying other prisoners for venom so he can go digging through the bowels of the prison to then find Ventriloquist, and finally Punch and Jewelee are okay, and instead of getting incinerated, prep the escape boat. 

While Batman is getting his shit rocked, Catwoman keeps prodding him until he finally says it's time, and surprise, Catwoman break's Bane's back, Bronze Tiger brings Ventriloquist into the room, who can't be controlled by Psycho Pirate thanks to Scarface, and everyone escapes, with Batman trolling Bane on the way out. 

On their way out, Bruce tells Catwoman what everyone gets out of the gig, minus her, that's vague, but hey, two issue with them coming up. As Bane's men find him laying broken on the ground, he loudly demands venom, because shit is going to get bad in February.

The Opinion:

Well, there you have it. In a book where Bane does wrestling moves to Batman, the book goes full wrestling with a swerve that quite honestly, was a bit predictable at a certain point, not that it's a bad thing. This issue had all the pieces fall into place and with this arc sort of hitting the ground running, you saw just why every character was selected as part of Batman's team, and it all came off as thoughtful and well planned out. The only thing that I remain unclear on was how Punch and Jewelee played dead. You see, Jewelee has illusion powers basically, so I expected them to all the sudden have perfect necks, then get up, but the way it's portrayed just makes it seem they had slit throats, just got better. Think that one little detail could have been a bit more clear, especially with how obscure those characters are, with chances being that unless you looked them up, you wouldn't know about Jewelee's powers. But yeah... great arc. Did a lot to get people talking, which is a hard thing to do in a saturated market. On top of that... looked absolutely fantastic. Here's to hoping Mikel Janin returns for the next full arc after "I Am Bane."


  1. Punch can be seen pulling something off his throat at the end. Maybe a latex makeup appliance?

  2. I read an interview of Mikel Janin in a spanish website (La Zona Negativa), there he said that he will be returning to Batman after I Am Bane :)

  3. Great arc, and the Waller/ Alfred scene was pretty fantastic as well. AFAIK that's the first time those two characters have ever interacted in any capacity and it was pitch-perfect. King (with Janin's art of course) is brilliant at doing these understated scenes where you can cut the tension with a knife even though everyone's behaving completely calmly.