Wednesday, December 7, 2016

SPOILERS: Batman #12

We get Bruce's response to Selina's letter, and are people really made about the razor thing? I can't tell anymore, I stopped paying attention to everyone a long time ago.

The Spoilers:

The the present day plot of this issue is that Bane calls Batman out to come get Psycho Pirate, and that's exactly what he does, eventually making his way to Bane's chamber where Catwoman and Psycho Pirate accompany the leader of Santa Prisca. 

Surrounding that is Bruce's response to Selina's letter where he talks about the similarities they share and how absurd their lives are. But he also relates to why he's Batman... as I understand it, it's basically a long form suicide. This is hardly a new concept, as many people, mostly Alfred if I'm remembering it correctly, have pointed out that there are "easier ways of getting yourself killed" often in jest, but there's always a darker tone to that. It's also been explored deeper that Batman might have a death wish, sort of like the knight on the battlefield who just wants someone to best him eventually, but not without a fight. 

ANYWAYS. So that's dark. But also towards the end, he addresses Selina's crimes, saying he believes she's a fraud. He doesn't believe her, but he had to turn her in because she told a lie and he couldn't find the proof otherwise. This all relates to their grim life and the death that will eventually find them and you know, all that sort of thematic stuff. 

So when Bruce finally enters Bane's chambers, he's obviously winded and Bane simply asks him what's next.

The Opinion:

$10 says Bruce's answer is "I break your damn back" and it's a total swerve, everyone ambushes, blah blah blah. Someone pointed out that Jewlee's powers include light manipulation to make people see things that didn't actually happen (think Fantomex), so that seems like a pretty solid reason for Tom King to pick such a fucking obscure character. 


Loved this issue. This is Tom King's Batman I wanted. Super in depth. Sorta super dark like the Vision. Just very tense across the board. Already spoke about the Batman death wish stuff above, so if people are actually mad about that saying it changes the context of his origins, no, it doesn't. Batman is deep as all hell and anyone could always pull this sort of morbidity from it if they wanted to. It's anything but a stretch.

HOLY SHIT THE ART THOUGH. Mikel Janin operated in mostly borderless double page spreads this issue, and it is fucking gorgeous. King's narration through Batman's letter also gave each spread enough words to keep you on the page for the right amount of time, unlike other spread heavy books that you can blow through within three minutes. It was a great combination of art and writing which is making me already wait for when Mikel Janin (hopefully) comes back following the I am Bane arc.

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  1. Yeah, I don't understand how some people interpret this as being some radical change to Batman's origins. It's just a different shading of his emotions, and not even that different than what some other writers have postulated. I do think it's good, though. I like it. It might not be my idea of a definitive take, but it's a worthy one, nevertheless.