Wednesday, December 14, 2016

SPOILERS: Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #5

That moment where you think a good series makes a really bad turn and you can't do anything to stop the oncoming crash.

The Spoilers:

So the new Oracle is just some dude named Gus. He was a hacker who really idolized Oracle. When Oracle went away, he went digging and eventually figured out Barbara is Oracle is Batgirl, and went super fan. Everything was the draw her back into the open, he took the mob money and donated it to charity, Fenice is Huntress's mom or something.

The Opinion:

Immediately after this book I went looking into the solicits to see if there was any mention of the "new Oracle" again, and sure enough, there he is right in February's solicits.


That's all I could say... where do I begin...

Okay, so you got a mystery, right? A mystery where you're coming off a soft continuity reboot where you bring in a bunch of old favorite concepts, including the big elephant in the room for Barbara Gordon, Oracle. You spend a good couple of months going "who could it be? mystery mystery mystery!" then the answer is just some fucking dude. Just some dude named Gus. No way of ever really guessing it, unless you're a nihilist. In my opinion, the reveal of your mystery being some dude never works. To be polite about it, let's just say it's unsatisfying. 

Then there's my feeling this this book doesn't need a new random character. We just got the classic birds back. Babs, Dinah, Helena. Whoever thought of messing with that trinity by adding some dude was woefully misinformed. This just reminds me of New 52 nonsense of going "here's some new character, care about them."

Remember Condor? No? This guy:

He was just some dude in the last Birds of Prey book who just showed up and went "I'm a part of this book now, I guess... gonna go make out with Black Canary or something."

He fucking sucked. So excuse me, while I prefer the sanctity (that we just got back) of Babs, Dinah and Helena and feel like some new character isn't necessary, at all. I understand the idea of "well a book needs supporting characters," but I'll say that a good Birds of Prey book can get by with the interaction between the three we've got now. They're three very different women, coming from different backgrounds and have varying opinions on the way things should be done. You can make due with that... easily... and with no need of some dude named Gus. 

UUUUGH. This book was going so well

Then there's the last page reveal of "OH NO, bad guy's my mom!" which, on top of being a cliche I could go with never seeing again, isn't visually told well as there's not a single panel of Helena realizing it. Close up of Helena going "Let's fucking kill her" some other panels then, "Wait, she's my mom." Could have used a indicator of her realizing something, like a facial expression change along with lowering the crossbow or something... Also did I mention how I dislike things that have no real lead up and are unsatisfying? Yeeeeeah.

Was going so well.

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  1. I'd guessed that Fenice was Helena's mother about two issues ago. Her alias means Phoenix which fits with someone back from the dead. Santo explicitly said that he thought she was dead. And then Helena mentioned that her mother was dragged from the room. Which kind of hinted that Maria was still alive.