Wednesday, December 28, 2016

SPOILERS: Batgirl #6

So two red-heads walk on to the plane and one of them says "I have a prehistoric dinosaur eating plant or something" and then a comic happens!

The Spoilers:

Barbara is headed back to Gotham on a plane (she's applying for something too), but so is Poison Ivy, that's convenient! Anyways, turbulence as planes do and air pressure make the crazy last of it's kind sentient plant that Ivy is transporting go pretty crazy, so they've basically got to save the plane.

And they do. I don't know what else to say. I'm trying to save time. There's one moment where Ivy is against Batgirl destroying the plant to save everyone, but Babs pointed out that it wasn't man's fault that the plant was near extinct. So Ivy stands down and eventually stops Barbara from getting choked. Character moments!

Back in the airport, Barbara meets up with Frankie and hey look, it's Penguin's New 52 style son who we've never heard of but hey, he's going to be Barbara's new boyfriend because we apparently can't have a Batgirl story that doesn't revolve around a love interest for once!

The Opinion:

As someone who really didn't find that first arc to be anything all that great, this issue was fine. It's a one and done between arcs. Cool to see an actual DCU character in there. It was fine... fine. Yeah I'm still super skeptical on this Penguin son boyfriend nonsense though. We'll see.

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