Thursday, December 22, 2016

Gotham Spoilers Plays: Batman Episode 5 - "City of Light"

Boy it was a pain in the ass getting this videos uploaded. For whatever reason, my iMac craps out on larger files. Should probably just run an ethernet cable. Anyways.

So the big ol' finale! BOY, did it run like total shit for me... part of the reason why it took so long to get this up is because I just didn't want to deal with it. Game crashed on me a total of three times in this episode alone. Watch the opening minutes, game runs at what has to be a single digit frame rate at points. Hell, in the third video, after my second crash, it just started me at a later point in the story, which then made me miss a trophy and end up not getting the platinum trophy when I beat the game... which is IMPOSSIBLE. Sure, I could have recorded that scene or two when I went back to get the trophy, but I felt it necessary to present it the way I originally played it... in all its stank.

Anyways, here it is, thoughts afterwards.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

So that was an ending, sure was. Really... I don't have many thoughts on the ending. It just sort of wrapped things up rather quickly and shoved off everyone who wasn't Vicki to the side, which I guess had to be done because I'm pretty sure she wasn't even in episode 4. Nothing really came as a surprise either, perhaps other than just the extent of abuse Vicki went through in foster care, but you sort of got that idea with the belt last episode. But outside of that... yeah, it just sort of ends huh?

Take Penguin out relatively early and with no real struggle presented without the use of your tech. Figured I'd just troll him a bit. Send Catwoman on her way, and even my preference to that "ship," I ain't telling Selina I love her after one night of Bat/Cat sex, desperate. Two-Face just sort of hangs out in Arkham. And finally, I was correct to guess that anything involving Joker would be a tease for next episode... if there is one, since Telltale has a good way of not delivering a follow-up season for anything but Walking Dead.

In the final confrontation, my thought process would be take off my mask to fuck with Vicki's head. Sure, you get a little of that, but then she just goes right back to normal (for her)... and once again she goes 1 on 1 against Batman with ease. Don't know how that's a thing.

Like I've said. Just very expected when all was said and done. I'll give Telltale some credit, while the initial momentum sort of sputtered out by the end (for me at least,) they did what few did and told a different Batman story. I like the idea that Bruce's dad was actually a piece of shit and he had no idea. It gives Bruce Wayne himself a new role in Gotham, which could be interesting to see play out, if we ever get another season.

But I'm not officially on team "Hey Telltale, stop making games for every fucking franchise possible and fix your fucking tech." Because I have never had such problems with their games until now. Just crashes every episode outside the first.

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