Sunday, November 27, 2016

Stack Rundown, 11/27/2016

Bitter sweet week considering that one of my favorite books came to an end. Thanks a lot, 2016.

Teen Titans #2

So far this has been enjoyable. I think Damian’s dialogue can get a little to “can-do team leader” cheesy at times, but whatever, it’s early. I find it hard to believe that everyone is surprised of his heritage? I thought the whole THING about Damian was the whole Batman/LoA split. Especially when you consider characters like Starfire know of him because of the newfound regained relationship between her and Dick Grayson. I don’t know. This issue was fun though. Using the standard trope of the anti-Teen Titans to face them, fun action, decent interactions. 

Titans #5

This story seems to really be dragging. Again, its partially due to the monthly vs bimonthly thing, but man… if anything this book really feels like it should have been bi-monthly due to the importance of Wally. It’s also being so solely focused on Wally is probably helping it feel so long as well. Early we had some team interactions but these last couple issues have been Wally and Kadabra going back and forth and all of his monologue has been going in circles saying the same shit over and over again. I also find it super hard to believe that the big mystery of where Wally West went was due to this goofy looking magician. No, not Dr. Manhattan taking him off the board. Just this asshole with a magic wand, the Watchmen stuff just came afterwards.

Wonder Woman #11

Last issue I was asking how both stories were going to tie together and now it seems pretty clear. Got to love that quick response. The reveal that Diana has never been back to Themyscira is pretty nuts… but fitting how everyone changes everything about Wonder Woman, all the time. Seriously… after Rucka is gone, I bet this all changes again, per tradition. Regardless, in terms of dramatic quality… daaaaaaaaamn, that last page. 

Batman Beyond #2

The number one thing I want to talk about here is how dumb Terry looks as part of the Jokerz. Yeah, I get it they’re supposed to look like clowns, but he looks like a fucking clown. Kinda of disappointed that I pick up a Batman Beyond book, and immediately Batman goes “Batman isn’t going to work, but looking like a jerk will!” Eeeeeeeeh.

Deathstroke #7

I’ve discovered that whenever two characters in this book are talking via radio, I always get confused. For whatever reason whenever you got Deathstroke on one end talking to a handler on the other end, it never actually seems like they’re talking to each other to me, for some reason. It’s the weirdest thing. Anyways, Deathstroke’s ex is working for HIVE, right? That’s what it was getting at with the bumblebee cult, right? Also, this book just remains damn funny in the face of all this messed up moral shit going on… The conversation between Slade and his ex’s new husband? Man, so good.  

The Flash #11

I don't really have any affinity towards the Shade. That said, this is a set up that strays away from the typical “bad guy in Central City!” trope, which isn’t exactly unique to the Flash. Bad guy turned good, loosing control of his powers, it could be fun. Willing to see where it goes.

Harley Quinn #8

So Harley gets the old “it’s not you, it’s me” sort of deal from Ivy, huh? To be perfectly honest, I hope this leads to a string of issues where Harley is more melancholy than usual, just to shake things up a bit. This book has the uncanny ability to become real stale while it’s doing insane shit, simply because there’s been so much of it. Harley and a nudist colony just doesn't faze me. The book has been pushing this one note so long, and now at double the schedule, nothing is going to change that unless they do something like drastically changing the tone. Harley being upset could do that, or at least scratch the surface. I mean, I keep reading this book for a cheap laugh here and there, but I wouldn’t be totally against it being completely reworked at some point, just for the sake of something new.

The Goddamned #5

Sure feels like it has been a while, probably has, but given how this book is based off the bible, not really hard to lose track of characters or anything. So, the incredbily bleak book ends its first arc in an incredibly bleak way? Who saw that coming, right? I do like how it ended though, in regards to the rain. Just thought it was a little added bleak touch, then read the end credits how this story arc was “Before the Flood” and went “ooooooooooh."

Chew #60

Hot take here: Chew is a pretty weird book. I don’t know what else to say at the end. #59 was the real (depressing) ending, and this issue put a freeze frame cliffhanger ending on the whole thing. Overall, this has been one of the best Image books I’ve read. Just two creators doing their own weird as hell thing and bringing it to a conclusion on their terms. Pretty much what Image is about. So with that in mind, I’m real sad to see it go as this was one of the first Image books I did get into real deep. Really hope both these guys continue to make books I enjoy for years to come. 


  1. Aren't you reading A.D. After Death?

    1. Nope. Given the format, I don't have time. Plus, I'm not a huge fan of Lemire's art. If I'm going to read it at some point, it'll be the collection.

  2. THANK YOU, GREG RUCKA! God, I cannot express how glad I am that everything they changed about the Amazons in the New 52 has been undone. I HATED that version of Wonder Woman's backstory.