Sunday, November 20, 2016

Stack Rundown, 11/20/2016

I didn't read most of these comics till late last night or this morning, but somehow I got this post up real earlier than usual. I don't know what just happened.

Superman #11

One of those issues where it feels like they heard me and changed something I didn’t like about the previous. For whatever reason, Damian looked older this issue, which should be how it is given he’s technically 13 in cannon now. I don’t know what it was. But anyways, nothing should be entirely shocking given these two have a book coming out soon, by the end, Damian is still talking shit, but reluctantly working with Superboy. Meanwhile, Superman is starting a hurricane just off the coast of Gotham just to teach them a lesson. Kinda messed up when you think about it.

Suicide Squad #6

After a string of pretty good (albeit short) issues, this one just sort of crapped the bed. So whatever that black mass of nothingness is, it’s making everyone go crazy and want to kill everyone (except Harley, who is sane again), so naturally the issue is chaotic… because of this fact, it’s nearly unintelligible. Zero focus and just all over the place. There’s about a billion inkers on Lee’s work again, some of which he inked himself which given the time restraints already set by his presence on the book… uuuum… But yeah, the art was a real mixed bag at best.

Trinity #3

I, like most people, could probably go a year without having to see a “‘member when Batman’s parents were shot? Oh yeeeeeeah, I ‘member!” scene, yet here we are. While I get thematically, these issues are going into defining moments of these characters and their pasts, there is nothing I glaze over more than Batman’s parents getting shot again. There’s nothing left to say about it. Nothing. Despite that, it was an alright issue, I’m finding myself more interested in what’s going on with Poison Ivy and potentially what we’ll see in Diana’s past, given the arc in her title. Clay Mann’s art though… man does it look good.

Green Arrow #11

Real action heavy issue. Black Canary on a motorcycle, in an underwater tunnel, that’s flooding, with sharks (lots of sharks) is a pretty good way to sum up the bat shit crazy action we got this week. I kind of laughed at the end when there was a clear Hillary Clinton stand in, making it seem like she had a place of world power. Sort of just pulled my collar with an awkward noise… then I got sad again.

Reborn #2

So I’ve got problems with Mark Millar’s books, mainly that every time I’ve read any of his new work because he’s working with an artist I like, it just feels like a glorified pitch rather than a comic book ass comic. Take that for what you will. But here I am on the second issue of this thinking “this is so cliched.” It’s the typical “Chosen one” archetype. Like, if it was any more on the nose, it’d be up there with the ending of Mass Effect 3 when you realize Shepherd is called Shepherd because he’s the chosen one space Jesus who sacrifices himself. Then everything is just so conveniently linked to the main character, I just see it as lazy. It’s just like first half of the issue going on an on about how main character is chosen, she’ll lead the good guys to battle, the bad guy is scared of her, this other queen of some far off land was your best friend, there’s this cat who is real pissed about you having him neutered… Bleh. Only saving grace is the art. It’s like Greg Capullo’s Tokyo Ghost equivalent, just drawing crazy ass fantasy shit that just looks fucking cool. 

Invincible #131

Well that was a quick issue of people threatening to murder a child. Real uplifting stuff. As this book heads into it’s final year, I can’t help but feel worried… not emotionally worried, but just worried in a jaded sense of feeling like anything bad that could happen in this book is going to happen, because that’s what usually happens and it usually just feels shitty. Like I don’t think next issue either Eve or Terra are gonna die, or anything… but you know some shit is just going to go down and my reaction is going to be “well of course, because everything is grim."

Kill or be Killed #4

This book could probably just be called “bad decisions lead to some messed up shit in all aspects of this dude’s life” but that title doesn’t roll off the tongue nearly as well. This book has a lot of sex in it, which is probably one of the more compelling aspects. I don’t mean that as in “I like the cartoon boobies,” but more in line of outside of the total fucking weirdo plot of demon getting guy to kill people, sex just surrounds everything. From the affair the main character is having, to the child porn ring he broke up, now he’s trying to break up a sex traffic ring, to the fantasy erotica stuff the dude’s dad drew… which now we know has that fucking demon in in it, twiiiiiiiiiiiist. Yeah, this book is real good.

Hadrian's Wall #3

Got to love a book where the mystery continues to get deeper, but every final page is pretty much dedicated to making the main character’s life that much more shitty. Hell, by the end of this series I expect Simon to barely be able to function between his withdrawal and how much he’s being set up. This continues to be a fun game of Clue so far.

Moonshine #2

This book is just cool. Maybe it is because I was a big Boardwalk Empire fan and this sort of scratches a comic itch with a fucking werewolf twist, but even if I wasn’t a fan of that TV show, I’d probably be reading it regardless because I like Azzarello. It’s got a bit of everything, great setting, people working behind their friends/family’s backs, femme fatale building, and… fucking werewolves. So far so good with this title as far as I’m concerned. 

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