Sunday, November 13, 2016

Stack Rundown, 11/13/2016

WWE starts putting out legit books through a legit publisher and you think "man, this is probably some mastubatory bullshit" and sure... that latest entry in the "Sasha Banks really loved Eddie Guerrero" saga is, especially that fucking last page, but besides that, boy does this WWE book go places I didn't expect.

WWE: Then. Now. Forever. #1

This is pretty much the only comic that matters this week. I’m a wrestling “fan” and by that, I mean, I barely watch any weekly live shows anymore, because Raw is garbage and it ruins Smackdown for me, so instead I just spend my Monday and Tuesday nights looking over the WWE’s twitter account saying “oh for fuck’s sake.” NO ONE WANTS OWENS VS REIGNS. Fuck Roman Reigns. ANYWAYS. That said, wrestling is comics basically, and here we have a comic ass WWE comic, and boy does it get fucking weird. We’ve got the moments that lead up to the downfall of The Shield, the greatest faction in years, and the lynch pin? FUCKING POTATO SALAD! You see, Seth Rollins forgot to bring the potato salad, because he was busy planning his betrayal with HHH man, THINK ABOUT IT! And boy, Dean Ambrose sure is pissed off about that potato salad! This is a comic… where big half naked dudes who work their problems out by fighting each other, are REAL MAD ABOUT POTATO SALAD! Then the New Day actually goes back to the past. But really, this is the WWE comic I wanted… just keeping it strictly in kayfabe with some weird bullshit added in… like fucking potato salad. Also, I wanted to barf at that Sasha Banks Eddie Gurrero thing at the end. We know, WWE. Stop shoving that shit down our throat.

The Flash #10

So the Shade eh? Pretty much the only thing I know about him is that he’s the character James Robinson always used to right. That’s it. Sometimes bad guy, sometimes not. This issue just sort of makes him out to be The Darkness. That said, this issue lacks potato salad, so who cares!?

Wonder Woman #10

Wonder Woman visits a mall, but this time, in the past! We see her develop powers, and that’s fun. Started to wonder what the point of this arc actually was until I realized that tree thing was from the first part of the story. But really, there’s no potato salad drama in this thing, so whatever.

Deathstroke #6

Every now and then, the thread of what’s actually going on in this book kinda loses me, but the surroundings make up for it. At this point, I’m pretty sure the thing is, someone went after Slade/Wintergreen in the past, so Slade put out a hit on his own daughter to see who would take it and draw them out of the woods? Now there’s all this shit like with Jericho being gay and in love with Slade’s old friend, but he’s totally in the closet and willing to do a lot to keep it that way? Have we talked about how DC’s line hasn’t been this queer friendly ever? Just this week we’ve got two more characters to add to the list, that I know of at least… Unless Jericho was gay already? No idea. We don’t get to know anyone’s stance on potato salad though.

Doom Patrol #3

What does it fucking say when I think the WWE comic is weirder than Doom Patrol? A lot, because that comic was sure fucking weird, as is this, but this sure didn’t have potato salad in it! That said, this was one of the more clear cut issues to spell out what was actually happening in this book, and I’ve got to say, I’m really starting to love it. It’s just so odd and charming… I guess that’s a lot of what Doom Patrol has been, so mission accomplished. But everything from the art to the way Casey’s origin was told in this issue, just so fucking charming. 

Glitterbomb #3

So I don’t know where I stand on this one anymore. It started off interesting, but it just seems sort of hollow on the crazy fucking demon thing. It just sort of happened and hasn’t been addressed. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be one of those things that just is and will never be explained, like the zombies in The Walking Dead, or what. I’m just not really seeing the thought behind it… plus, there’s a lack of… YOU KNOW.


  1. Are you off action comics?? I thought you were reading that one for all the "rebirthness".

  2. Just when action comics started it's next major arc lol