Sunday, November 6, 2016

Stack Rundown, 11/06/2016

Can we just make it a worldwide rule that every Sunday has an extra hour now? That'd be real nice so I wouldn't feel like I was so behind on this post every week.

Also, expect my post on Batman: The Telltale Series episode 3, later today.

Superman #10

And here we are, Damian Wayne, you know THE ROBIN, has made an appearance in an issue of Superman well before Batman or Detective Comics in the Rebirth era. ROBIN. Has yet to show up in either of the main BATMAN books. Something ain’t right there. Anyways, this is clearly just a back door pilot for Super Sons. It was fun. I’m not sure how old this team is projecting Damian to be, because Jon seems super young, and Damian who is canonically 13 now, just seems minuscule by comparison. I’m looking forward to Super Sons, but part of me is wondering how much the typical “I’m Damian and I can’t get along with anyone, but oh, four issues in and i have a heart!” trope will go on before it wears thin for even me.

Harley Quinn #7

Another issue of Harley Quinn. Violence happens. A horse pees on some people. Penguin shows up. Nothing really to discuss here. There’s a reason I stopped doing full posts on this series, and this arc is a good example.

Midnighter and Apollo #2

If there was ever a time to do a woefully out of date CSI Miami “YEEEEEEEEEEAH,” it would have been that last page where Midnighter says he’s going to hell. With the series name, I sort of expected his to be a team up book, but so far it definitely seems more heavily weighted towards Midnighter while Apollo plays the damsel in distress. Wouldn’t be surprised as this just sort of seems like a natural extension of the previous series.

Green Arrow #10

Reading this issue I saw the bad guy and was like “I RECOGNIZE THAT GUY FROM THE SHOW” then realized I haven’t watched Arrow in like two or so years, and feel pretty okay about it given everything I’ve heard. Anyways, it was a fun action issue. These past couple just sort of seem un focused given how there was a lengthy arc prior and now we’re seeming to get a bunch of short side stories. Still entertaining though.

Deadly Class #23

I must have missed something early on in the series of how a student is deemed to be a rat (thus eventually targeted), because one of the new kids getting the rat message so early on just seemed to be a little soon, as she hasn’t done anything yet. Maybe it’s like Lin said in this issue, they’re just brought in to be tests for the students the school cares about, who knows. What I do know is that Saya’s brother is totally Japanese Broken Matt Hardy, and it is DELIGHTFUL. 

The Wicked + The Divine #23

Not knowing what this issue was (essentially a bunch of magazine articles) I bought it Wednesday, opened it up and went: “I don’t fucking have time for this” and that’s where we stand to this day!

Revival #44

In a book that has teased “Everyone dies” as it comes close to it’s conclusion, what’s one old man getting punched to death amongst friends? Right?! Total “whoops” moment. I’m a little shaky on the mystic shit that’s going on, but then again, I’ve always been that way these forty something issues, so no change there. This was a lot of character moments where motivations are revealed, secrets are brought up and all sorts of emotions. I’m going to assume the next couple of issues will have the shit hit the fan, so get this stuff in while you can, I guess.

Nailbiter #26

Well, that certainly is one way to start a new arc. Talk about shaking things up right off the bat. Usually little time jumps sort of annoy me, but with this being a new arc mixed with the crazy shit that happened, I’m alright by it. Seems like another arc of Nailbiter with a bunch of mysteries developing along side some fucked up shit.

Southern Bastards #15

It feels like a while since there’s been a new issue of this, but I’m glad it’s back nonetheless. I love how with everything Coach Boss is, his ultimate downfall could be stemmed from his Defensive Coordinator killing himself. With that, the football team sucks, then the town gets angry and wants him out as coach, and then he’s got no place of power so those that do would want him silenced after the fall. Crazy stuff, all about fucking high school football.

Sheriff of Babylon #12

I’ll be honest, this one confused me a little bit. Not really sure what it was going for, but I assume the guy who was killed was supposed to be part of the operation that ended up fucking over everything in this series, but everything in this book is so morally grey, it’s kind of hard to keep up sometimes. Anyways, slight confusion aside, just a great book all around. Curious to see what they do for “Season 2."

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